Why Use P2P Encryption Devices?


Point-to-point encryption (AKA end-to end encryption or P2PE) allows you to encrypt data on a credit card reader and send it to the credit card processor without the POS terminal ever seeing or storing the unencrypted data. Continue reading

Inventory Module Access from PO

Inventory Module Access from PO paladin data corp pos systemYou may now view any purchase order line item’s inventory file with a single keystroke.  Frequently during review of a PO a quick glance at an item’s sales history or list of alternate suppliers could be useful.  Our new feature provides exactly this ability with a single keystroke. Continue reading

10 Tips For Better Customer Relationships

10 Tips For Better Customer Relationships Paladin data corp pos systemCustomers are the lifeblood of your business. But sadly, unlike the lumber you sell, they don’t grow on trees. Which is why you’ve heard over and over again how important it is to retain your existing customers.

Studies show that it costs six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an old one. More importantly, boosting customer retention by as little as 5% through improved service and relationships can increase your profits by as much as 95%.

So let’s look at a few simple ways you can improve relationships with existing customers and make an impression on future customers without spending much, if anything, out of pocket. Continue reading

Lumber Board Foot Calculator

Lumber Board Foot CalculatorWith high commodity inventory like lumber items, prices are continually changing. It’s typical for stores to have large whiteboards where cost changes are continually applied and then used for calculating sales prices in order to maintain adequate margin.

This whiteboard method may work, but there’s a high risk of losing information. The Paladin Point of Sale system can speed up this process and assist with this volatile cost manipulation procedure. Paladin’s flexible import/export feature lets store owners and buyers easily and quickly change costs on a daily basis. Continue reading

Invoice Recall for Cash Sales in Invoice / Quote

Invoice Recall for Cash Sales in Invoice / Quote paladin data corp pos systemRecall of recent invoices for non identified customers is now possible beginning with this build of Paladin POS.  Our new feature is a simple extension of features you are likely already familiar with.  We’re talking about the Invoice / Quote F1 Advanced Lookup’s History tab family of search and recall past sales information features. Continue reading

Why should I use an RF gun in my store?

Why should I use an RF gun in my store? paladin data corp pos systemThe handheld RF gun provides a simple and powerful solution allowing real-time inventory management.

RF systems are indispensable for managing and ordering inventory. With Paladin’s RF integration, you can make the best of both tools. RF systems allow you to update inventory on hand in your aisles, receive product without resorting to pen and paper counts, and create purchase orders in your aisles. Continue reading

What Can I Do with Paladin’s Mobile Access App?

It sure would be convenient to skip calling the store for a checkup. Instead of calling in, simply view the numbers right on your mobile device with Paladin Mobile Access.

What can I do with Paladin Mobile Access?

Paladin provides a real-time connection between your store and your internet-enabled mobile device. Continue reading

Prescription Pick-up Name Validation

Prescription Pick-up Name ValidationPharmacists recognize the critical importance of providing the correct prescription to the correct person.  Paladin POS has designed and built a feature that promises to add an additional safety net to the already stringent controls utilized by pharmacies today.  Considering most pharmacies allow one family member to pick up medications for the entire family, your sales team is familiar with the invoice’s named customer changing as different prescriptions are scanned. Continue reading

Controlled Substance Management for Pharmacy

8295Image1aState level regulations have been placed into action for some areas to collect detailed information on individuals picking up Class II through Class IV controlled substances.  Should your business reside in one of these states, Paladin POS has crafted a solution to your new problem.

All pharmaceutical dispensing systems that have bi-directional integration with Paladin POS may use the new feature.  Quite simply stated: Paladin POS will request and require customer identification data on all pick-ups identified by the pharmacy’s dispensing system as a Class II through Class IV controlled substance and Paladin POS will store this data along with all details of the sale. Continue reading

Client Spotlight: Montana Ace

Client Spotlight: Montana AceStew and Meg Weis, owners of Montana Ace in Missoula, recently celebrated 20 years of running a successful business. Stew’s family has owned hardware stores for three generations; Meg is a second generation Ace Hardware store owner. After the two met at an Ace dealers’ convention, they bought a hardware store and grew to be prominent members of the community. Continue reading