10 Last-Minute Holiday Sales Tips


Last-Minute Holiday Sales Tips paladin data corp pos systemKeep your store bustling during the holidays with these last-minute sales tips.

At this time of year, we see Christmas cheer in every window. Well, we will be seeing it once Halloween is over. Hardware and retail stores are under a lot of pressure to keep a hold on customer interest.

Imagine this: The holidays have arrived, and you’ve been taking every available step to keep your customers interested in your store. You put up snowflake decorations and colored lights in mid-November. You had a snowmen family painted on your front window. You even promoted the heck out of your Black Friday Sale.

How do you regain the momentum and excitement of early holiday shopping and keep it going all the way up through Christmas Eve? And more importantly, how do you get rid of all those icicle lights and inflatable reindeer?

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Paladin’s Mobile Delivery Snapshot™

What can I do with Paladin’s Mobile Delivery Snapshot™?

  • Accept signatures
  • Edit the delivery document on-site
  • Attach pictures (requires camera-enabled tablet) to invoice
  • Attach notes to invoice
  • All information is available back in the office on your Paladin Point of Sale system in the blink of an eye

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Frustrations with Current Point of Sale Systems

Frustrations with Current Point of Sale Systems paladin data corp pos systemA point of sale system allows you track purchases, analyze inventory levels for each item, monitor customer purchases, and calculate when you need to order stock. Or, it should.

Point of sale systems are supposed to offer flexibility, convenience, and organization to your store and inventory. With a point of sale you track trends, generate data, and maintain a sales history without extra work – or so many point of sale vendors say.

For some store owners, however, point of sale systems deliver difficulties instead of value. The biggest frustrations include:

  1. High or hidden expenses
  2. Complex inventory control
  3. Poor customer service
  4. Complicated procedures and systems

Paladin Data Corp has identified these common challenges, and we change the struggles into advantages. We address each frustration and keep your store profitable by keeping it all simple. We’re here to help you grow—if you succeed, we succeed. Continue reading

Why Choose Paladin Point of Sale?

Here at Paladin our driving goal is to “bring back simple” for independent pharmacies, hardware stores, and other retail businesses. We do this by creating simple point of sale solutions that not only deliver the industry’s most compelling capabilities and features but also “work well with others,” making it easier to run your business.

Windows 8 Certification

Windows 8 Certification paladin data corp pos systemMicrosoft has upgraded its classification of Paladin POS from Compatible with Windows 8 to Certified for Windows 8.  While most users are running other versions of the Windows operating system, this new certification recognizes Paladin POS as a technologically advanced and secure software solution. Continue reading

Testimonial: Women with Nails pt 1

JoLynn Weist, owner of Weist Hardware, describes how Paladin Point of Sale provides her with greater freedom to spend time with her customers, decrease her cost/sq. ft on her inventory, and grow her female customer base.

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Who has this Pricing Plan?

Who has this Pricing Plan? paladin data corp pos systemHave you ever wondered which customers had a particular pricing plan? This build allows users to do just that. Every active pricing plan identified in File – Setup – Pricing Plan displays a list of customers using this plan. Continue reading

Testimonial: Return on Investment

You may be able to control your inventory, but what about the money you spend on your store? Spot slow movers and use the Paladin’s Suggested Order Report to help you manage your inventory. Inventory is one of your biggest investments, and Paladin helps you choose items to fill your shelves. Save money by focusing on what you sell best. Continue reading

Last Reviewed Date

Last Reviewed Date paladin data corp pos systemEvery item in inventory now displays the date on which this item was last reviewed for count, pricing and bintag accuracy.  While this information has always been present in Paladin POS data, the new always-on-top display of this date will improve management of your inventory investment.  The newly displayed information is located near the bottom left corner of all inventory screens in the Shrinkage management window. Continue reading

Paladin Point of Sale Trailer

A few months ago, we wanted to find a way to visualize how Paladin Point of Sale transforms your store. Putting a creative mind to the task, we came up with a video clip to help demonstrate the concept. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Inventory History Receiving Report

Inventory History Receiving Report paladin data corp pos systemThis report received a couple of “tune-ups” over recent months to better focus report output to suit individual users.  Unfortunately, every time we improved the report for one group of users, we un-improved it for others.  Our latest update should accommodate all users plus provide several controls previously unavailable to all users. Continue reading