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“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.”
Jeff Bezos

The Big Deal of Branding

Branding is not a single component. It is a story… the tale of your offerings and relationships, your culture and values. In this new world of price-matching, customers are still willing to pay for the consumer experience. Your branding tells them what you have to offer and why they should come through your front door. Continue reading

Reading Customer Body Language Increases Sales

body-languagePresent in every human interaction, body language provides a view to what’s below the surface. Learning to consciously read your customers’ body language can significantly impact sales.

While not an exact science, the sum of signals is a powerful indicator of what your customer is thinking and is a great guide for timing your persuasions.

Here are some basics to get you started: Continue reading

Business of Excellence: Russell’s Pharmacy

Business of excellence

Company: Russell’s Pharmacy
Owner: John Gallizzi
Location: Detroit, MI
Years in Business: 31

Russell’s Pharmacy of Detroit, Michigan, is uniquely located in a multi-use office building amid a neighborhood surrounding.

Setting them apart from traditional pharmacies, Russell’s Pharmacy also serves as a convenience store for the building’s office personnel. Continue reading

Best Practices: Moving to Windows 10

moving to windows 10Paladin Point of Sale General Release 9737 is the last release supporting the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. When the next General Release is installed, some or all of the Paladin Point of Sale software may no longer work on PCs that are running Windows XP/Vista. It is in your best interest to run a newer Windows version. By continuing to use older Windows operating systems, you expose yourself to significant security vulnerabilities and limited functionality. Additionally, Paladin Point of Sale can now utilize the advanced features of newer Windows versions. Continue reading

Soaring to Success with Intelligent Ignorance

soaring to success

“The customer is always right; Employees must follow protocol at all times…”

You can probably add many other revered business rules. But can established norms be more limiting than lucrative? What if Columbus had simply accepted the prevailing notion of a flat earth? And where would we be if the Wright brothers had taken as truth the sentiment of flight being impossible? Fortunately for us, these and many other great minds have demonstrated intelligent ignorance – the ability to focus on a goal while being ignorant of the impossible. Belief without limits is a powerful force in the ever-progressing retail arena. Continue reading

Guide and Conquer… The Art of Upselling

art of upsellingUpselling is a quick, easy way to fortify profits, and your employees are the front line troops to make it happen. Teach them how!

Knowing Your Audience

You don’t have to be a psychology major to read the people around you. Train your employees to be aware of customer body language and facial expressions. Are they closed off or open? Do they appear disinterested or engaged? With a bit of common sense, intuition and basic training, your employees can pinpoint tell-tale signs. Continue reading

End of Windows XP & Windows Vista support

the end/death of

Paladin Point of Sale General Release 9737 is the last release that will support the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

When the next General Release—tentatively scheduled for September, 2016—is installed, some or all of the Paladin Point of Sale software may no longer work on PCs that are running Windows XP or Windows Vista. Continue reading

Are you overlooking this important key to business success?

Dan Nesmith, president of Paladin Data Corporation. business successWith the everyday demands of running a store, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important factors in retail and business success — a positive customer experience.

When you don’t pay attention to the customer, you can lose their business.

Fortunately, a good experience is not hard to create. Here are some ways to make it happen.

Continue reading

The 8 most effective pricing strategies

What type of pricing strategies are you using? Do you understand what you are using and why? How effective are these strategies within your store? 52% of consumers use over 10 different pricing strategies to better their store. Factors such as season, economy and sales all play a critical part. It is important to recognize which factors directly affect each strategy in order to make your store as successful as possible. Here is a breakdown of strategies and how they work.
1) Discount: Discounts can be applied based on product quantity, customer loyalty programs or a specific promotion. This strategy is generally used to increase foot traffic and to obtain return customers.
2) Bundle: Employed by stores such as Costco. Multiple units sold in bulk, making the item cheaper.

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