PO Item Tags for Stock On Hand

PO Item Tags for Stock On Hand paladin data corp pos systemManaging individual item tags / price tags on inventory is a huge responsibility.  Paladin POS has made the item tag task a little easier with this build.  We have provided the ability to print / generate item tags from the purchase order receive function for some time now.  As a refresher, item tags can be printed / generated for all items of your purchase order that have the Item Tag Required box checked for that item in inventory. Continue reading

Hide Regular Retail on Invoices

Hide Regular Retail on Invoices paladin data corp pos systemSome stores don’t want inventory item’s regular retail price to show / print on invoices.   We understand this.  Perhaps customer’s realization of a discount received isn’t as great as the perception of a particular discount offered. Or perhaps you want to occasionally invoice items for zero retail and don’t want the customer to easily reference a regular retail for these items. Continue reading

Trade Show News

Trade Show NewsWe were thrilled to see many of you at the United Hardware Buying Market in Minneapolis on June 13-15. We shared a number of new and upcoming features, including Delivery Snapshot™, special orders to purchase orders, and video surveillance integration. Thank you for taking the time to stop by the booth!

The recent Wheatbelt and Wallace shows were also a success. We appreciated the time you took out of your crazy show schedule to visit with us. We love helping you reach your goals and seeing your continued success. Continue reading

The Paradigm Shift in Retailing: Part 2

The Paradigm Shift in Retailing: Part 2Last quarter we talked about the new paradigm in retail, where consumers have more choices and more information than ever before. Smart phones and other technology advancements have led to higher expectations in terms of pricing, availability and buying options. We discussed ways for retailers to take action, including advanced customer services like tracking customer purchases to offer “no-receipt” returns, targeted discount campaigns and more responsive and proactive staff. Other retention methods include up-selling as well as offering add-on services and e-commerce options. Continue reading

Invoice Reprints from Invoice / Quote Module

Invoice Reprints from Invoice / Quote Module Paladin data corp pos systemInvoice reprint ability has been added to the Paladin POS Invoice / Quote module. To access this new feature select F1 Advanced Lookup, page up or down (or click) on the History tab. Hopefully everyone is aware of the immense capability in this area. A quick over view:  This section allows you to find:

  • Everything a known customer has purchased
  • Every customer that has purchased a specific inventory item
  • One specific invoice in its entirety (i.e. scan the bar code on the bottom of the receipt)
  • Or a list of every time one customer has purchased a specific item

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Paladin’s Top 5 Pharmacy Point of Sale Features

Paladin’s Top 5 Pharmacy Point of Sale Features  paladin data corp pos systemWhat is Paladin Point of Sale?

Paladin Point of Sale is a straight-forward software that manages your inventory, cost, and margins without wasting your time. Paladin Data Corp specializes in point of sale software created for pharmacies, hardware, and retail stores. Learn more about Paladin Data Corp.

As you know, running a pharmacy involves many complex procedures and requirements. Paladin’s Point of Sale solution simplifies the job by embedding complicated processes into your point of sale system while keeping the software easy to use. Paladin’s top 5 pharmacy point of sale features are listed below.

  • Pharmacy System Integration
  • Compliance
  • Inventory Management
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI)
  • Filled vs. Picked-up Reports

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Paladin Mobile Access

Paladin Mobile Access paladin data corp pos systemImagine you’re at a trade show. Before you are a display of items you plan on selling in your store. Instead of sifting through files or calling the office to find out what you’ve paid for the items in the past, the information is at your fingertips. Paladin Mobile Access makes trade shows simpler by giving you immediate access to your information (and getting rid of the file cabinets).

It would be convenient to access your store information while on the road. This is exactly what we had in mind when creating Paladin Point of Sale’s mobile app. With Paladin’s mobile application you forgo calling your store for a checkup. Instead, you simply view the numbers on your phone or tablet.  Check in with mobile access to your store and save yourself the trouble of calling in. Continue reading

Invoice Reprints from Inventory

Invoice Reprints from Inventory paladin data corp pos systemInventory’s Recent Sales History Viewer has a significant new feature.  Double click any line of the displayed sales history and a copy of the original invoice is generated for you.  Back office and accounting machines will generate a PDF of the original event.  Sales terminals will generate a PDF or a receipt paper printed copy depending on the settings chosen for the receipt paper reprint feature detailed in Features – Build 8278. Continue reading

Invoice Reprints to Receipt Printer

Invoice Reprints to Receipt Printer paladin data corp pos systemAny terminal equipped with a receipt printer will is now capable of invoice reprints to their receipt printer.  Historically invoice reprints from the Customer module’s Customer Friendly History Viewer have generated a PDF copy of the invoice that could be viewed, emailed and/or printed on that terminal’s laser report printer. Continue reading