4 Important Features to Look for in a Multi Site POS System

Miluti Site InfographicThings are going well and you’re thinking about adding additional stores to reach more people and sell more products. Keeping track of stores and inventory spread over a wide area is going to be much easier with a point of sale system designed to help you manage multiple locations. Here are some things to look for in a multi site POS system.
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Business of Excellence: Sisters Ace Hardware

Business of excellenceCompany: Sisters Ace Hardware
Manager: Jordon Tandy
Location: Sisters, OR
Years in Business: 11

Sisters Ace Hardware has been a fixture in Sisters, Oregon for over 35 years. The Tandy family purchased the store in 2005. As a small town hardware store, Sisters Ace is very customer-focused. Continue reading

Executive Perspective: Can Retail Survive the Internet Economy?

4-executive-perspective-danIt’s no secret that brick and mortar retail businesses have been under assault from internet retailers for some time. Let’s face it, shopping online has never been so easy, convenient or, dare I say it, satisfying. The selection of products available on the internet is staggering. Online retailers have access to lots of inventory and good prices.

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Paladin Tech Buzz: Sales Automation with Paladin’s PromoBuilder

Intelligent Automation concept on the gearwheels, 3D rendering

We sometimes find Paladin users putting items on sale by changing the price in the inventory module. Using this method, you have to do the mark-down math, you’ll need to mark-down each item before the sale and change them again after the sale. The tools built into Paladin for creating a sale automate the process, save you time, and give you more control over your sales. Continue reading

Are You Retaining Current Customers with Superior Service?

Retention on Blue Carabine with a Orange Ropes.Numbers can tell you a lot about how well your business is doing. Did you know there is a number that can help you evaluate the quality of your customer service? The customer retention index is a measure of how many of your customers are returning to do repeat business with you. A high retention rate indicates that your customers have discovered great value in the service you provide and continue to return and buy from you. A low retention rate says your customers have made the decision to take their business elsewhere. Continue reading

How to Harness the Awesome Power of Unique Knowledge

Kid with toy virtual reality headset. Child playing at home. Success, creative and innovation technology concept

Unique knowledge is also useful when suggesting add-on items that will make the product perform better for the customer.

A guide for your new circular saw will improve accuracy when cutting plywood or other sheet goods. You’ll be able to cut straight and on your mark consistently which will save time and money and be less frustrating. Saw guides also improve safety by keeping the saw moving in a straight line, reducing the possibility of a dangerous kickback. Continue reading

Barcode Scanners Just Got Smarter

scanner-alert-01A new feature in Paladin Point of Sale enables compatible handheld barcode scanners to alert cashiers when additional action is required.

Scanning during the check-out process can be interrupted for a variety of reasons. When the situation arises; The scanner will stop scanning, flash three times, and emit three audible beeps. Once cashiers know a problem exists, they can apply the remedy and continue, saving time and making the checkout process more efficient.

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Support Made Easy with BizManage™


Managed services are intended to relieve store owners of computer related chores. Paladin offers a suite of managed services to protect your computers, your data, and improve overall efficiency and productivity. The first wave of BizManage™ services are available now.

DataWise™ is Paladin’s off-site fully automated back-up for all the data in Paladin Point of Sale. Accounts receivable, inventory, sales tax information, customer data, etc. are backed up and quickly restored if disaster strikes. Continue reading

Paladin Tech Buzz


Your Paladin Point of Sale system holds a lot of important information.

Inventory, accounts receivable, tax records, sales data, customer info… Everything is in there and easy to access when you need it.

But, what if, suddenly, it wasn’t there?

Fire, theft, natural disasters, computer viruses, and catastrophic hardware failure are just a few of the events that can permanently separate you from one of your most valuable assets — your data. Continue reading