10 Last-Minute Holiday Sales Tips


Last-Minute Holiday Sales Tips paladin data corp pos systemKeep your store bustling during the holidays with these last-minute sales tips.

At this time of year, we see Christmas cheer in every window. Well, we will be seeing it once Halloween is over. Hardware and retail stores are under a lot of pressure to keep a hold on customer interest.

Imagine this: The holidays have arrived, and you’ve been taking every available step to keep your customers interested in your store. You put up snowflake decorations and colored lights in mid-November. You had a snowmen family painted on your front window. You even promoted the heck out of your Black Friday Sale.

How do you regain the momentum and excitement of early holiday shopping and keep it going all the way up through Christmas Eve? And more importantly, how do you get rid of all those icicle lights and inflatable reindeer?

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What is a Point of Sale System?

What is a Point of Sale System? paladin data corp pos systemIf your store isn’t enjoying the ongoing benefits of a point of sale (POS) system, there must be a pretty hefty reason. Maybe you can’t afford to purchase and maintain a point of sale. Maybe it’s too difficult to install and operate, or you haven’t considered the value and convenience a POS system can deliver on a daily basis.

Whatever holds you back, these frequently asked questions present a better understanding of POS systems and will help decide on an effective solution to manage your inventory.

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Do It Best Direct Invoices and EDI Updates

Do It Best Direct Invoices and EDI Updates paladin data corp pos systemPaladin POS now supports Do It Best Vendor Direct Invoices! We suggest you review the list of services offered by Do It Best for more information on, and availability to this new service.

This update also provides significant enhancements to reporting Do It Best EDI processing. Specifically: A single EDI processing event containing multiple invoice files will now report each invoice number as a separate processing event. This should simplify reconciliation of Do It Best statements against the actual product received. Continue reading

Trend Micro’s Managed Anti-Virus

Trend Micro's Managed Anti-Virus paladin data corp pos systemOver the years, Paladin has installed Trend Micro’s anti-virus program on thousands of computers running Paladin POS. In April of this year, we began issuing licenses for managed anti-virus programs for our clients.

Trend Micro’s managed program allows you to have anti-virus protection without having to manage the software yourself. Paladin’s technicians become your IT professionals, making sure your anti-virus protection is set up and running properly. Continue reading

Paladin POS: Powerful Simplicity

Paladin POS: Powerful Simplicity  paladin data corp pos systemAt Paladin, we have worked hard to create a user interface that makes every task easier and faster. Your people can be more productive and responsive to your customers’ needs instead of learning complex software skills or memorizing detailed business procedures. Continue reading

The Paradigm Shift in Retailing: Part 3

The Paradigm Shift in Retailing: Part 3 paladin data corp pos systemOver the last two quarters we’ve talked about the new paradigm in retail, which has given consumers more choices and information than ever before. Retailers can take action by offering advanced customer services, providing more responsive and proactive staff, up-selling, and developing e-commerce options. Product sales can be boosted by streamlining and automating the day-to-day operations that can sap your time and energy. We emphasized the importance of a customer loyalty or rewards program and mentioned ways to eliminate slow movers while expanding the breadth of offerings to reach your niche market. Finally, we encouraged store owners to map out a concrete plan for growing the business. Continue reading

October Specials

October Specials paladin data corp pos systemPaladin is pleased to offer two exciting promotions through October 31, 2014: 500 free gift cards when you switch to Mercury and free shipping on all hardware orders over $500. Continue reading

Automatic Retirement Of Sales

Automatic Retirement Of Sales paladin data corp pos systemOur new feature automatically retires out of date Pricing Plans and Sale Lists.  As the quantity of new sale concepts and promotions continues to proliferate, users were facing an increased work load to manage these sales.  We don’t accept increased work loads at Paladin POS.  Beginning with build 8384 all sale data controlled by a specific start date and end date AND is observed to be 90 days past the end of the sale “Date Range End” specified in the Pricing Plan will be marked as Inactive and no longer displayed in the list of Active sales. Continue reading

Business Day vs. Calendar Day Comparatives

Business Day vs. Calendar Day Comparatives paladin data corp pos systemComparative Revenue analysis reports are an important tool for store owners and managers.  This build adds greater function and utility to these reports by allowing users an option to control what data is returned for the Prior Year’s comparative values.  Historically these values were based on events one year ago to the calendar day number.  Our new feature allows users to choose between either “By Date” (i.e. 16-Jul-14 compared to 16-Jul-13) or “By Business Day”  (i.e. Wednesday 16-Jul-14 to Wednesday 17-Jul-13). Continue reading