Another New Ace Sale

Another New Ace Sale paladin data corp pos systemPaladin Point of Sale now supports Ace Hardware’s new reimbursable Dynamic Promotion “ILDP type 4” sale.  This is one of many new BOGO sales designed to bring new customers into your stores with an ever increasing variety of promotions.  Over the next few weeks we will publish additional information regarding use and management of this feature as use cases are further defined and examined. Continue reading

Label Template #1

Label Template #1 paladin data corp pos systemA new series of templates has been added to the Paladin Point of Sale Access Template Library.  This new family of templates has been named “Labels”.  This announcement is to herald laser printer availability of Label #1. Continue reading

Ace EDI Modification for “Non Stock Headers”

Ace EDI Modification for “Non Stock Headers” paladin data corp pos systemAce Hardware implemented a practice of re-using bar code 9 99999 99999 3 on EDI records that are not intended to be considered for normal inventory updates.  This build of Paladin Point of Sale now excludes these records from processing and automatic inventory updates.  We do however report these excluded items on the Invalid Stock Numbers sub report inside the master EDI processing report. Continue reading

To All Ace Rewards Enabled Stores

To All Ace Rewards Enabled Stores  paladin data corp pos systemTo:  All Ace Rewards enabled stores,

Paladin Data Corp has completed development work necessary to support the new Ace Hardware “BOGO – Paint Studio Grand Opening Event” sale active in your stores 14-May-14 through 19-May-14.

As of this notice we don’t have the final build number that will be released.  Watch your weekly emailed notices from Paladin Development for complete operational instructions of the new sale system. Continue reading

Credit Card Type & Status Reports

Credit Card Type & Status Reports paladin data corp pos systemCard type details are once again available to users! Bookkeepers everywhere have a need to know the explicit amounts paid by each type of card.  But since the introduction of PCI security rules several years ago, this information was forbidden to be known by a POS system, until now.  Stores that implement the new P2PE all-in-one credit card devices will once again enjoy this information at their fingertips. Continue reading

Bintag / Shelf Tag #23

Bintag / Shelf Tag #23 paladin data corp pos systemAnother new Bintag / Shelf Tag has been added to the Paladin Point of Sale desktop label printer and the MS Access Template library.  You will find this new tag identified in all locations as Bintag and Shelf Tag #23.  Remember to establish any bintag / shelf tag as your default style, click File – Setup – Company – Tag Style Group box – Default Bintag Style drop down menu.  Make your selection and click Save. Continue reading

.NET 4.0 Framework Installation

.NET 4.0 Framework Installation paladin data corp pos systemAn update to Windows is required to run software newer than build 8066.  Many terminals will have already installed the new .NET 4.0 Framework as a component of their Windows updates.  Any machine that is not current with Windows updates, or is running an old operating system (like Windows XP) are likely in need of this update. Continue reading

Significant Updates to Credit Card Processing

Significant Updates to Credit Card Processing paladin data corp pos systemThe shifting sands under the foundation of the credit card processing world are impacting everyone.  Several significant card processing changes have occurred in the last few months, all of them making the lives of merchants more difficult.  Paladin Development is intent upon making the lives of store owners a little easier and we believe the changes presented in this build will better align stores with the verities of processing credit cards in the year of 2014. Continue reading

Emery Waterhouse EDI

Emery Waterhouse EDI paladin data corp pos systemPaladin Point of Sale now supports all electronic communication features offered by Emery Waterhouse.

Some of these features include creation and upload of normal purchase orders to the Emery Waterhouse FTP order site, receiving and processing of electronic invoices and receiving and processing of all file maintenance / price change files (that also update the Emery Waterhouse all-item catalog Paladin maintains in your store). Continue reading

Credit Card Processing Updates

Credit Card Processing Updates paladin data corp pos systemGiven the importance of credit card processing “up time” in today’s retail environment, Paladin Point of Sale and Mercury now support automatic fail over to a backup processing system should any difficulty be encountered by our stores.  All new features documented and discussed in Build notice 8124 are still in effect (like the progress scroll bar), but we have changed the function of the Next button in this example: Continue reading