2012 Young Retailer of the Year!

2012 Young Retailer of the Year Jason Stapleton rewardOne of our customers, Jason Stapleton, has been awarded the title of a Young Retailer of the Year! We congratulate him for all of his hard work and perseverance while building up his store, and wish him another excellent year.

Congratulations, Jason Stapleton!

Buck’s Building Supply is the place to be in Williston, South Carolina. Jason and his children greet their customers with full smiles and laughter. It is this friendly attitude and a humble beginning that brought Jason to the 2012 Young Retailer position.

Humble Beginnings

When he was a child, Jason Stapleton was introduced to building materials through his family’s store. His grandparents had owned the store, and Stapleton inherited the business along with his brother, Joel. In 2009 the brothers bought the store from their uncle, Jay Schumpert. It was a good play of cards – and a blessing.

The store was renamed after Stapleton’s grandfather, who played a big role in the boys’ lives. Hard work and integrity were learned, taught, and passed on to the next generation. Blessed by his grandfather’s lessons, Stapleton was glad to announce the name of their store: Buck’s Building Supply.

Throughout the recent recession, Stapleton bore down and persisted. He remodeled Buck’s, and did his best to provide for his customers. Something truly incredible came of it, too! The store became a main provider of home supply and building materials for Williston. Customers became friends as time wore on, making the community feel all the more at home within Buck’s walls.

Over the years, everything grew. The Paladin Point of Sale system helped Stapleton manage his sales, and the layout was changed to better use the space of the 8,000-square-foot store. Advertising, redesigning, and niches of special supplies have brought in more customers than ever!

Hard Work Really Paid Off

With over a seven-fold increase in sales, Stapleton has found his true calling. Buck’s has become a good example of perseverance and strength in our current economy. It is heartening to see such courage, and it’s wonderful to see a community that has strengthened with the help of a growing business.

By using Paladin POS, he was able to run his store smoothly and efficiently. Visit our website to learn more about a good point of sale system for your business!

Congratulation, Jason Stapleton! You are an excellent example to learn from.

Source: http://www.nrha.org/User/YROTY/2012/Stapleton.aspx

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