4 Important Features to Look for in a Multi Site POS System

Miluti Site InfographicThings are going well and you’re thinking about adding additional stores to reach more people and sell more products. Keeping track of stores and inventory spread over a wide area is going to be much easier with a point of sale system designed to help you manage multiple locations. Here are some things to look for in a multi site POS system.


A multi site POS system should allow you to access information about the operation of individual stores as well as a global view of your entire business.

Inventory Awareness

Real-time access to inventory will help you get a clear view of how well your inventory investment is performing. Employees with visibility across all stores can check stock levels of any item to help customers get what they need.

Customer Accounts

Customer activity and rewards program participation can be linked across all stores. This will allow you to continue to create a single statement for account customers regardless of where they made purchases. Rewards customers will like being able to add to their point totals no matter which location they shop in.


Chances are you’ll be adding more stores in the future. A true multi site POS system will be able to expand along with your business, allowing you to easily duplicate your success in your next location.

By switching to Paladin Multi Site POS, you’ll maintain all the features you’ve come to expect from Paladin Point of Sale with the added benefit of linking your stores together through a secure cloud connection. You’ll have full access to information about each store’s sales performance, inventory, customer data, and the tools necessary to manage the future growth of your business.

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