A Holiday Visit from Mercury Payment Systems

A Holiday Visit from Mercury Payment Systems paladin posThe holiday season is a particularly busy time. If you include rush-hour traffic in the ice and snow, the holiday shopping, and the hectic stores, you get a taste of the busyness that defines the holidays. There’s so much going on! It’s a big deal when someone takes time out of their busy schedule to drop by and say hello.

We got to see one of our partners last week. A Mercury Payment Systems representative took time out of her busy schedule and visited us here in Bend, Oregon. Luckily there was no snow or ice to chase her away (that came after she left)! Yohalis is an excellent representative for her company and was as friendly as can be. We really enjoyed having her with us for a few days.

What is the Mercury Payment System?

Yohalis explained that Mercury’s mission is to provide quality payment processing to make store operations easier for their customers. Not only do they provide a payment solution, but Mercury offers the best customer service possible when it comes to their products and services. Mercury is the go-to when it comes to processing different payment methods for your store.

Some benefits of The Mercury Payment System include:

  • Mercury processes credit, U.S. debit, Canadian EMV Chip and Pin, check services, ecommerce, EBT and FSA transaction support
  • They offer a customizable rewards program (MercuryGift®)
  • Mercury can be accessed through mobile devices (Mercury VirtualTerminal™)
  • They provide 24/7 customer support, giving their customers access to real people at any time

Learn More about Mercury

Founded in 2001, Mercury made their very first transaction. They started out in a 1,000 square foot basement, but they didn’t let that stop them. They’ve grown so much since then! By 2008 Mercury had 250 employees. Here’s the amazing thing: they were based solely on partner referrals!

Here in 2012 Mercury has over 575 employees and counting. They’ve almost doubled their employee count, tripled their income, and they’re still growing. Mercury is now among the top five largest non-bank merchants of the nation.

Why choose Mercury Payment Systems? Learn more here.

Paladin Data Corporation is proud to be a partner with Mercury Payment Systems. Mercury provides excellent customer service, and is a flexible program that offers value for your company. Here at Paladin we can testify for the friendly, helpful representatives that work for Mercury.

Thank you for visiting, Mercury! We look forward to next time.

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