A Low Risk, High Value Point of Sale System

A Low Risk, High Value POS System Paladin point of saleMany of us are put off the moment a program asks you for a large start-up payment. We are immediately skeptical, and (for the most part) unwilling to part with our precious money until the product value is obvious.

I think it’s something that all of mankind feels: we wonder if an unfamiliar item, service, or program (possibly a POS system) is worth the investment. Doesn’t it feel like you’re being swindled with high licensing fees and long-term contracts? If you said “yes,” you aren’t alone.

Signing a two or three year contract for a point of sale system can be an eyebrow-raising process. We know what you’re feeling. That long-term commitment might not be what you’re looking for. What if you want to change providers, or find another solution? It can be costly to sign up for a POS system without knowing if it’s suited for your business.

Your point of sale system doesn’t have to be a risk. High starting payments aren’t necessary for your Paladin Point of Sale. We have a low-cost solution that doesn’t involve the risk of losing money with large payments or long-term contracts.

How does Paladin lower risk and bring value to your store?

Lower Your Risk

All investments involve risk. They key is keeping risk low while generating as much income as possible. We designed Paladin Point of Sale with this in mind.

There is little risk involved with Paladin’s payment methods. You can cancel your subscription with Paladin within any month of the year. See more about these risks and what Paladin can do for you here.

Sometimes, all a small business owner is looking for is a simple system that works. With Paladin, you receive a POS system that gets rid of the risk and keeps everything simple. Benefits of using Paladin include:

  1. No high upfront licensing fees
  2. Low monthly subscription
  3. No long-term contracts

Gain Value for Your Store

Through suggested order reports, it is easier to keep the most profitable items on your shelves. Your Paladin Point of Sale system is simple and easy to use. Put simply, Paladin does the work for you. And it does the work intelligently. Learn more about it here.

If you’re skeptical about letting Paladin handle your inventory, take the Paladin challenge!

It’s Up To You

Many point of sale systems will cost you both your arms and a leg before you find one that works for your store. Today’s economy makes finding a good POS system particularly trying. With Paladin’s affordable pricing plan, your store can gain value with an excellent investment. Our purpose is to be simple and affordable for all businesses.

Using a reliable POS system brings customers to your store. Don’t feel uneasy about locking yourself into a long-term contract with an unfamiliar system. With Paladin, you are free! You can relax with a fixed monthly fee: your costs are steady, predictable, and deductible.

To see if Paladin is the right POS system for your store, call us at 1-800-725-2346 or email us by clicking here.

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