A Surprise Visit to Paladin Data Corp: Berkshire Ace

A Surprise Visit to Paladin POS paladin data corp pos systemPaladin users from Berkshire Ace Hardware came to visit the office this July, giving us a happy surprise. George and his wife, Judy, have been with us since July of 2008, and we were grateful when they decided to spend their “Paladin anniversary” here at the office. What was the reason for their visit? They wanted to tell us about how much their store had changed since Paladin was installed.

From Rags to Riches

George and Judy had a lot of difficulty with their previous POS system. Not only was the software complex and difficult to use, but the customer support was terrible. With complications and slow customer support response time, George and Judy spent a lot of time getting the point of sale system to work properly.

Berkshire Ace had a load of trouble when their point of sale system went down. George tried futilely for four solid days to get his store working again, but no one from customer service could help him. This four day lapse was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. After plenty of long calls and a list of fruitless solutions, it was time to find another solution.

George began searching for a better system. He called the number from the flier sitting on his desk after a frustrating call with his current POS provider. There had to be something better; anything was better than what he had. The number brought them in contact with Paladin Data Corp.

George needed his store up quickly! The very first question George asked was how soon Paladin could be installed. He was reassured that Paladin Point of Sale would be active as soon as possible. Paladin was completely up and running in November, and George and Judy have been with us ever since.

Simplifying the Store

Berkshire Ace’s old point of sale processes were very time-consuming and difficult to keep up with. George used to spend 4-6 hours a day managing his store’s complex computer system. Now, he spends 4 hours a week dealing with the store data. With this change, George can now spend time with his customers instead of being trapped behind a computer screen.

George’s wife, Judy, spent much of her time stuck in the office before they switched to Paladin. Now, she is able to be out on the floor with customers instead! George and Judy have benefited from having their work week (which was 6 days long) cut down to 4 and half days each week.

Not only has Paladin simplified store processes such as inventory management and customer loyalty programs, but it has given George and Judy time outside of work. They now have lives outside of their business, and aren’t tied to their computer system in the office.

The Advantages of Working with Paladin

With a simple, intelligent POS system, George and Judy save many hours each week and have a much lighter work load. These aren’t the only advantages that Berkshire Ace Hardware has experienced while working with Paladin. Paladin works with each store’s inventory, using market-driven information to keep the shelves stocked and avoid outages or overstocking.

In one case, Berkshire Ace’s division manager was visiting the store. George and Judy’s store was the last one on a list of many. The manager was searching for outs and various losses that the store might be experiencing, and expected to find just as many as he had at the other stores. To everyone’s pleasant surprise, the number of outs was significantly lower in George’s store than any of the other Ace Hardware stores that the division manager had visited. George happily mentioned that the outs would have been lower if the warehouse stayed stocked with the items he sold so well.

When it comes to Paladin customer service, George and Judy have been doubly impressed. When they visited the office, George mentioned the importance of relationships in business. George was impressed with Paladin because of the focus we put on relationships. It really is rare to find a business that emphasizes the relations between client and company.

When George planned this trip, he wanted to meet the people he’d talked to for years and finally match voices to faces. While they were here, George repeatedly thanked our founder, Dan Nesmith. Anything that George has ever needed, we’ve promptly helped him with. This is the service you can expect from Paladin.

Exciting Features for Paladin

Some of the features that George and Judy were excited about include our upcoming PCI compliance and regulation changes. The concept of encrypted credit card equipment even further reduces Berkshire’s burden with PCI compliance, and will make running their store even simpler.

George also mentioned how Ace Rewards Instant Savings works perfectly for his store, and how Paladin has made his work hours much easier to handle and deal with. They’re also excited about the Ace high speed ordering that we’ve released, which will allow them to keep their store stocked even better than before.

Berkshire Ace Hardware chose Paladin because the software is simple, user-friendly, and our customer service handles everything quickly. With the new and upcoming features, Paladin is making George and Judy’s store even simpler to manage.

Until Next Time!

Their store runs so well with Paladin that George and Judy headed off for a long vacation. They were kind enough to stop by before they left and thank everyone for the simplicity of the point of sale system. We enjoyed having them visit, and look forward to seeing them again.

Have you ever wanted to visit the Paladin office? Give us a call at 800-725-2346 if you’re interested in stopping by to say hello. To hear more about our clients and what they think of Paladin, subscribe to the blog!

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