Ace Rewards Instant Savings is Here!

Ace Rewards Instant Savings customer loyalty reward paladin data corpGet ahead of the competition

Here at Paladin, we’re looking forward to January! Why? Ace Rewards is launching a new addition to their loyalty program. With this addition retailers are immediately a step ahead of their competitors.

So, what does it do?

Instant Savings eliminates the need to mail papers or go online to receive customer rebates. With this new addition to Ace Rewards, you can get rebates immediately after checkout.

This is an advantage for you, as well as your customers. You don’t have to deal with all the extra procedures, and your customers don’t have to wait.

How you benefit:

  • Rise above competitors by using Instant Savings to inspire customer loyalty
  • Save time by eliminating mail-in and online rebates
  • Give your customers another reason to love (and return to) your store

So how do you rise above your competition? By offering a valuable rewards program to your customers. Ace Rewards Instant Savings is a key to building loyalty with your customers. The more helpful and valuable you are, the more they will return to buy from your store.

Once you give your customers a group to belong to, they are more inclined to feel attached to your store. It takes some sort of attachment to get customers to make a purchase. Learn more about the psychology behind loyalty programs here.

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