Are you overlooking this important key to business success?

Dan Nesmith, president of Paladin Data Corporation. business successWith the everyday demands of running a store, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important factors in retail and business success — a positive customer experience.

When you don’t pay attention to the customer, you can lose their business.

Fortunately, a good experience is not hard to create. Here are some ways to make it happen.

Helpful employees create happy customers.

Do your employees greet customers with a friendly hello and offer to help? When your employees engage customers with a good attitude, take time to answer all their questions, and help them find items, you inspire customer loyalty.

New and interesting items are intriguing.

It’s human nature to be curious. When you test the latest products in your store, you appeal to customers’ curiosity, and may discover new products that sell.

Inventory levels that meet customer needs are essential.

If you are out of an item that a customer wants to buy, they will likely take their business elsewhere. To prevent this from happening, implement an inventory management system that prevents unnecessary outs without investing in too much inventory.

A quick checkout gives a good feeling.

No one likes to wait – especially your customer. A fast and efficient checkout process, with a trustworthy and secure credit card system, will keep them coming back.

Rewards are a smart business decision.

Do you have a rewards program that encourages customers to return to your store? Do you keep a customer database and offer special or secret sales to frequent shoppers? When you repay shoppers for their business, you foster long-term relationships and build new ones.

Personal connection matters.

Store owners and managers often focus on running the business and can forget the power of personal interaction. When you take time to talk to customers, they feel appreciated—and you see your business from their point of view.

The keys to business success

You’ve worked hard to build your business—make sure your customers feel it. Act on a few of these tips today, and you’ll experience perpetual customer loyalty and continued business success.

Written by Dan Nesmith; President of Paladin Data Corporation

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