Asking the right questions to close the sale

ProblemsA customer is walking around your store, deciding on their must-haves. Then suddenly they get a puzzled look on their face; they are in need of some customer service. You turn around to help them and ask “How can I help you today?” But then what? Are you asking the right questions to boost your sales?
There is an actual art to asking customers questions. You want to be direct and avoid giving them too many choices. Too many choices can often leave customers feeling overwhelmed, which can lead to an empty purchase. You want to ask questions that can be replied to with simple one word answers.
Questions such as “As you look ahead to the next year in your business, what are you personally most excited about?” and “What decisions do we need to make today?” are designed for both your customer and your employees. You want to help your customers make decisions and stick to them. This allows for high probability of a sale and continued business. The first question is a good one to ask yourself to set goals and stick to them. It’s specific enough to force you into answering with details rather than a vague answer that can be later ignored.
Starting a conversation off with the right question can lead you and your customer down the correct path and help guide them all the way to the end of the checkout line.
Written by Jenny Cooper, Paladin Data Corp

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