The 8 most effective pricing strategies

What type of pricing strategies are you using? Do you understand what you are using and why? How effective are these strategies within your store? 52% of consumers use over 10 different pricing strategies to better their store. Factors such as season, economy and sales all play a critical part. It is important to recognize which factors directly affect each strategy in order to make your store as successful as possible. Here is a breakdown of strategies and how they work.
1) Discount: Discounts can be applied based on product quantity, customer loyalty programs or a specific promotion. This strategy is generally used to increase foot traffic and to obtain return customers.
2) Bundle: Employed by stores such as Costco. Multiple units sold in bulk, making the item cheaper.

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The importance of an employee recognition program

Employees are known to work better and more efficiently when they know their efforts are being appreciated. We as humans, like recognition in general and respond positively to it. Having an established recognition/rewards program for your employees will not only give them something to work for, but will keep the work environment constructive.
How do you begin such a program? First, determine how your company wants to will demonstrate its recognition. Plaques, awards with a photo? Buying the employee lunch for a week? Continue reading

Asking the right questions to close the sale

ProblemsA customer is walking around your store, deciding on their must-haves. Then suddenly they get a puzzled look on their face; they are in need of some customer service. You turn around to help them and ask “How can I help you today?” But then what? Are you asking the right questions to boost your sales?
There is an actual art to asking customers questions. You want to be direct and avoid giving them too many choices. Too many choices can often leave customers feeling overwhelmed, which can lead to an empty purchase. You want to ask questions that can be replied to with simple one word answers. Continue reading

Stress Management

Stress management is an acquired skill. You can learn and use it to reduce anxiety and make your day more enjoyable.

Two main points of stress management are control and prevention. Of course it’s not always the case that you can control and prevent stress. This is why many people focus on a third approach; learning to cope. However, it is possible to become so good at reducing and preventing stress that you won’t have to cope with it anyway! Continue reading

Top ten most overlooked features in Paladin

At Paladin, we want to ensure you are getting the best experience with your Paladin Point of Sale system. We want to make sure you are equipped to have the most efficient and productive use of your time. Here are ten features that can help your business succeed and make using your Paladin Point of Sale system more effective.

Preset Reports

Reports can be set up to run automatically, especially overnight, and can be retrieved at any time. No more having to select report ranges or sorting options.

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3 New Features for PO Receive

PO receive paladin pos systemOur PO receive function has been significantly enhanced with this release of Paladin POS. We now store (and report) more data. Every receiving event for a PO is now stored and reported to you. What does that mean?

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Export Quickbooks Like a Pro

export quickbooks paladin pos systemUsers of QuickBooks 2012 are now able to export Paladin POS totals in the updated QuickBooks format. All previous QuickBooks formats are still present. Remember that these are accessed via the Maintain menu button – Data Viewer – GL Summary tab.

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