Double Whammy – Benefiting from Cross-Promotion

cross promotionYou have probably seen cross-promotions before. A McDonald’s Happy Meal often comes with an action figure related to the newest Disney movie. You have heard phrases like, “official candy bar of the NFL” or “official soft drink of major league baseball.” These are examples of how well-known companies work together to increase their reach into each other’s markets. Cross-promotions allow companies to share the cost of the promotion and benefit from the reputation and credibility of their partner. Continue reading

Best Practices: Moving to Windows 10

moving to windows 10Paladin Point of Sale General Release 9737 is the last release supporting the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. When the next General Release is installed, some or all of the Paladin Point of Sale software may no longer work on PCs that are running Windows XP/Vista. It is in your best interest to run a newer Windows version. By continuing to use older Windows operating systems, you expose yourself to significant security vulnerabilities and limited functionality. Additionally, Paladin Point of Sale can now utilize the advanced features of newer Windows versions. Continue reading

Soaring to Success with Intelligent Ignorance

soaring to success

“The customer is always right; Employees must follow protocol at all times…”

You can probably add many other revered business rules. But can established norms be more limiting than lucrative? What if Columbus had simply accepted the prevailing notion of a flat earth? And where would we be if the Wright brothers had taken as truth the sentiment of flight being impossible? Fortunately for us, these and many other great minds have demonstrated intelligent ignorance – the ability to focus on a goal while being ignorant of the impossible. Belief without limits is a powerful force in the ever-progressing retail arena. Continue reading

Guide and Conquer… The Art of Upselling

art of upsellingUpselling is a quick, easy way to fortify profits, and your employees are the front line troops to make it happen. Teach them how!

Knowing Your Audience

You don’t have to be a psychology major to read the people around you. Train your employees to be aware of customer body language and facial expressions. Are they closed off or open? Do they appear disinterested or engaged? With a bit of common sense, intuition and basic training, your employees can pinpoint tell-tale signs. Continue reading

Are you overlooking this important key to business success?

Dan Nesmith, president of Paladin Data Corporation. business successWith the everyday demands of running a store, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important factors in retail and business success — a positive customer experience.

When you don’t pay attention to the customer, you can lose their business.

Fortunately, a good experience is not hard to create. Here are some ways to make it happen.

Continue reading

Best Practices: Reducing Vulnerability

Best Practices: Reducing Vulnerability paladin data corp pos systemMany merchants have legitimate business reasons to establish remote access connections to their point of sale, including allowing resellers and other vendors to manage and update their software. However, if not configured and managed correctly they can provide an easy entry point for unauthorized intruders to gain access to the system, and potentially to sensitive customer data. The following are highly recommended tips for enabling remote access while maintaining data security: Continue reading

Business of Excellence: Popp Hardware

Business of Excellence: Popp Hardware paladin data corp pos systemCompany: Popp Hardware
Owner: John Popp
Location: Ligerwood, ND
Years in Business: 69

Popp Hardware is a family-owned store located in Lidgerwood North Dakota with a population of a cozy 650 people. John Popp has owned the store since 1976; while his father owned it before him since 1946. Continue reading

‘Tis the Season for Creative Promotions

‘Tis the Season for Creative Promotions paladin data corp pos systemWith the chaos of the holiday season just around the corner, planning clever promotions now can set you apart from your competition and drive sales. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Ready-made gift bundles.

Save your customers time by creating prepackaged collections for the usual recipients on their gift list, as well as the hard to buy for ones. And make it personal – “Your dad will love this.” Continue reading