Barcode Scanners Just Got Smarter

scanner-alert-01A new feature in Paladin Point of Sale enables compatible handheld barcode scanners to alert cashiers when additional action is required.

Scanning during the check-out process can be interrupted for a variety of reasons. When the situation arises; The scanner will stop scanning, flash three times, and emit three audible beeps. Once cashiers know a problem exists, they can apply the remedy and continue, saving time and making the checkout process more efficient.

Barcode scanners using this feature add efficiency in other ways:

For Compliance

Retailers and pharmacies who capture customer information to satisfy anti-graffiti, anti-meth, or other controlled substance regulations, will find this feature a great tool to help them stay in compliance.

Easy Sign-up

Since many states print barcodes on driver’s licenses, 2D barcode scanners can be used to register and verify customers for rewards programs and capture customer data to open new in-house charge accounts.

There are currently a number of scanners that work with this feature, with more coming online soon.

• Gryphon I GD4100
• Gryphon I GBT4100
• Gryphon I GD4400 2D
• Gryphon I GBT4400 2D
• PowerScan PD9500
• PowerScan PBT9500

If you would like to activate this feature, contact our technical support team at 800-725-2346.

Paladin Point of Sale provides one more way to keep your check-out running smoothly, while helping you stay in compliance with local laws protecting your community.


Written by George Maginnis

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