Best Practices: A Knowledge Base

Best Practices: A Knowledge BaseKnowledge is power: The power to inform. The power to learn. The power to connect.

A knowledge base is a collection of articles used to educate employees and as an avenue of public relations. How do you create excellent knowledge base articles for your company?

Clear and Concise: Time is money. Don’t make your customers untangle a knot of confusing steps.

Consistent: Maintain a writing style and visual presentation that is user friendly and similar. Readers will know what to expect and appreciate the familiarity.

Collaborate: Every article should involve at least two people and mutual respect.

Brain dump: The subject matter expert (SME) puts thoughts into a rough draft.

Testing: The technical writer tests the steps, revises the draft for clarity, and inserts questions for the SME.

Rewrites: The technical writer/editor and SME may exchange several revisions until the information seems quality assured.

Publication: The final draft gets published for the intended audience(s).

Feedback: End users may suggest changes.

Content management: For each article, the content manager must track the publication process.

Content analysis: The articles involve many data points for snapshots and reports.

Sharing company expertise through a knowledge base is a powerful way to provide excellent customer service.

Jasmine Stark, Technical Writer

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