Best Practices: Moving to Windows 10

moving to windows 10Paladin Point of Sale General Release 9737 is the last release supporting the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. When the next General Release is installed, some or all of the Paladin Point of Sale software may no longer work on PCs that are running Windows XP/Vista. It is in your best interest to run a newer Windows version. By continuing to use older Windows operating systems, you expose yourself to significant security vulnerabilities and limited functionality. Additionally, Paladin Point of Sale can now utilize the advanced features of newer Windows versions.

Windows 10 has arrived, bringing along some exciting new features:

  • Familiarity with the Start menu, task bar, and desktop.
  • Always-enabled updates keep you current on features and security.
  • The new browser, Microsoft Edge allows you to write and type directly on webpages.
  • See all your open tasks in one view and create virtual desktops to gain more space and group apps by type.
  • Cortana, your digital assistant, works across your devices and learns over time to be more personal and useful.
  • Built-in apps use OneDrive to sync seamlessly across your devices.
  • Most secure Windows ever built.

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