Multi-Store Transfer: Save Time With Bulk Transfers

Multi-Stores: Save Time With Bulk TransfersMulti-store enterprises have needed a method to transfer large quantities of products between stores AND maintain correct inventory levels at both stores without requiring a great amount of labor to perform this task.

This version of Paladin POS contains a stock transfer system that is so easy to run, it’s like writing a PO.

Every PO that is written using another store in your group as the supplier will automatically create a credit PO in the supplying store. Actually the credit PO is created for the supplying store and written to the database in your store. Paladin’s data replication will transfer the credit PO to the supplying store within a minute. Naturally the supplying store is required to “receive” the credit PO when the product is shipped, and you must “receive” the purchasing PO to increase your inventory accordingly.

Why does it save time?

The automation present in this feature reduces the chances of a missed step or forgotten action by anyone running the new system. This feature should save a significant amount of labor previously spent on bulk store transfers.

13 March 2012 | Release 6805.1

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