2014: Year in Review

Paladin’s Progress of 2014 paladin data corp pos systemIt’s February, and a new year is ahead of us. Paladin customers have had a successful year, which means we have too! We’re happy to announce our expansion and new software. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to in 2014.


We’ve outgrown our facility! So much so, we’ve expanded into our new corporate facility: 20,000 square feet, 2.4 acres, and plenty of parking. We’ve had a huge increase in the number of licenses going live with our software this year, and we’re hiring many more Paladin team members. As we grow, Paladin is seen in advertising across the nation, increasing awareness of our point of sale system. We’ve expanded our production of training and instructional videos and have implemented a technical blog site. We’re excited about these changes and look forward to another year of growth. Continue reading

Hardware Point of Sale Testimonial

Why did Lance Cox of Coos Curry Supply make the change to Paladin Point of Sale?

  • Simplicity. Paladin Point of Sale is so straightforward and uncomplicated, it’s comfortable for any level of tech experience.
  • Excellent customer support. Paladin’s support team is easy to reach, and works hard to help your store succeed and grow.
  • Market Driven Inventory Management™. Operate more efficiently and profitably with a point of sale that does the heavy lifting for you.

Learn more in the video above!

Happy Holidays!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas! paladin data corpMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Holiday lights are lighting up the nation, and snow flurries are making the mornings beautiful here in Bend. The smell of wood fires and cooking food really adds to the warm, friendly atmosphere the holiday season!

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Testimonial: Women with Nails pt 1

JoLynn Weist, owner of Weist Hardware, describes how Paladin Point of Sale provides her with greater freedom to spend time with her customers, decrease her cost/sq. ft on her inventory, and grow her female customer base.

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Testimonial: Return on Investment

You may be able to control your inventory, but what about the money you spend on your store? Spot slow movers and use the Paladin’s Suggested Order Report to help you manage your inventory. Inventory is one of your biggest investments, and Paladin helps you choose items to fill your shelves. Save money by focusing on what you sell best. Continue reading

Berkshire Ace Hardware Point of Sale Testimonial

Berkshire Ace Hardware Point of Sale Testimonial  paladin data corp pos systemGeorge Dickson, owner of Berkshire Ace Hardware since 1969, uses Paladin Point of Sale in his store. Through Paladin he has improved customer support, as well as quick responses from Paladin’s team.

If you’re wondering why you should use a computerized system instead of pen and paper, George explains how a point of sale system takes far less time and effort to manage. Not only does using Paladin Point of Sale save you time, but it allows you to make plans that don’t include your business. If you have family coming into town, you don’t have to worry about scrambling to catch up to the workload for weeks – you’re caught up in a fraction of the time. Continue reading

Customer Review: Healdton Family Center

Customer Review: Healdton Family Center  paladin data corp pos systemRay Marshall of Healdton Family Center was gracious enough to help showcase our Orgill Store Front feature in this video! We want to thank Ray, as well as show you what he thinks about Paladin Point of Sale’s frequent updates.

One of our recent features is the Orgill Store Front, which Ray finds extremely useful. With Paladin’s Orgill Store Front feature, you have streamlined ordering, automated discounts, and maximized profitability. To learn more about this feature, visit this article. Continue reading

President’s Corner

President’s Corner paladin data corp pos systemAs founder and president of Paladin Data Corp, I wish to extend my thanks and heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has steadfastly supported Paladin Point of Sale (POS) through the last 34 years. Because of your loyalty, suggestions and recommendations to peers, Paladin POS is helping more store owners than ever.

All departments at Paladin Data Corp have grown to accommodate this success, in fact we’ve outgrown our home base! We’ve found a great building to move into where we will have opportunity for further development and expansion. Continue reading