Best Practices: A Knowledge Base

Best Practices: A Knowledge BaseKnowledge is power: The power to inform. The power to learn. The power to connect.

A knowledge base is a collection of articles used to educate employees and as an avenue of public relations. How do you create excellent knowledge base articles for your company? Continue reading

Where Technology Needs to Go Next

Where Technology Needs to Go Next paladin data corp pos systemYou open your email to discover the interface has  been completely redesigned and now you can’t find that one button you need most. The trendy app you just downloaded seems so complicated to navigate. And you’re not sure you want to update your mobile device and risk having to learn to operate it all over again.

Each and every one of us have likely experienced this frustration. As technology increasingly penetrates every aspect of our lives, we use it for everything: banking, shopping, planning the day, staying healthy, entertainment, navigating and staying in touch.  We have become so accustomed to having it, we couldn’t live without the conveniences and options it offers… Yet something still seems to be missing.  Why isn’t technology collectively easier to use? Continue reading

7 Ways to Compete with Big Box Stores

7 Ways to Compete with Big Box Stores paladin data corp pos systemHave you ever wondered how your small business can compete with the big box stores? Your store can compete and thrive amongst the larger businesses.

1. Master Your Niche

Big box stores may have a larger amount of shelf space for inventory of all kinds, but your business can create and master a niche unique to you. Choose a business niche that the larger store may be overlooking and become an expert in your field. Customers today have the technology at their fingertips to price shop and compare online, but your expert knowledge will give you an edge when your customer has questions and concerns.

2. Create Store Loyalty

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How to Market to Customers Effectively

How to Market to Customers Effectively paladin data corp pos system“How do I get more customers to come to my store?” It’s a big question every store owner asks.

With Amazon pushing out mom-and-pop shops, store owners are working hard to bring customers into their stores. Your marketing tactic as a brick-and-mortar store should be the opposite of an online store: to get customers out of their houses and into the store. Continue reading

Frustrations with Current Point of Sale Systems

Frustrations with Current Point of Sale Systems paladin data corp pos systemA point of sale system allows you track purchases, analyze inventory levels for each item, monitor customer purchases, and calculate when you need to order stock. Or, it should.

Point of sale systems are supposed to offer flexibility, convenience, and organization to your store and inventory. With a point of sale you track trends, generate data, and maintain a sales history without extra work – or so many point of sale vendors say.

For some store owners, however, point of sale systems deliver difficulties instead of value. The biggest frustrations include:


  1. High or hidden expenses
  2. Complex inventory control
  3. Poor customer service
  4. Complicated procedures and systems

Paladin Data Corp has identified these common challenges, and we change the struggles into advantages. We address each frustration and keep your store profitable by keeping it all simple. We’re here to help you grow—if you succeed, we succeed. Continue reading

Testimonial: Women with Nails pt 1

JoLynn Weist, owner of Weist Hardware, describes how Paladin Point of Sale provides her with greater freedom to spend time with her customers, decrease her cost/sq. ft on her inventory, and grow her female customer base.

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Testimonial: Return on Investment

You may be able to control your inventory, but what about the money you spend on your store? Spot slow movers and use the Paladin’s Suggested Order Report to help you manage your inventory. Inventory is one of your biggest investments, and Paladin helps you choose items to fill your shelves. Save money by focusing on what you sell best. Continue reading

Paladin Point of Sale Trailer

A few months ago, we wanted to find a way to visualize how Paladin Point of Sale transforms your store. Putting a creative mind to the task, we came up with a video clip to help demonstrate the concept. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

10 Tips to Gain and Keep Customers

10 Tips to Gain Customers—and Keep Them! paladin data corp pos systemHere’s an age-old question: How do I gain customers and keep them? We’ve all thought about this long and hard. The answers are simpler than you might think! Try these 10 tips for keeping your current customers loyal while attracting new ones. Continue reading