Business of Excellence: Popp Hardware

Business of Excellence: Popp Hardware paladin data corp pos systemCompany: Popp Hardware
Owner: John Popp
Location: Ligerwood, ND
Years in Business: 69

Popp Hardware is a family-owned store located in Lidgerwood North Dakota with a population of a cozy 650 people. John Popp has owned the store since 1976; while his father owned it before him since 1946. Continue reading

Executive Perspective: The True Cost of Point of Sale

Executive Perspective: The True Cost of Point of Sale paladin data corp pos systemCost is an important factor in every business decision. So how can you calculate the true cost of point of sale? According to, companies on average spend 2-3% of their annual revenue on the initial set-up and then 12-18% of that amount for maintenance and upgrades. Sounds simple, but it gets a little more complicated when you consider the cost-saving and profit-producing variables created by your point of sale system. Continue reading

Converting “Just Browsing” into Buying

Converting “Just Browsing” into Buying paladin data corp pos systemYou ask the customer standing in the aisle, “Can I help you?” They respond with the all-to-often heard, “I’m just looking.” Converting even a few browsers into buyers each day may have a significant impact on your bottom line. You can avoid missing a great selling opportunity by using these simple psychological tactics: Continue reading

Paladin Tech Buzz

Paladin Tech Buzz paladin data corp pos systemAt Paladin, we are always exploring new methods to advance the ways our customers interact with and leverage our software solutions. We are excited to introduce “Excellence in Coaching,” a new series of free bi-weekly webinars! Initial topics include: distinctive features, custom reporting, loyalty programs, procedure recommendations, detailed instruction on new features, Mobile2 apps and more. Beginning June 30th, “The Top 10 Most Overlooked Features in Paladin POS” will kick things off. This presentation was well received at the recent Paladin User’s Group. To discover how you can participate in this and other Excellence in Coaching Webinars, click here. Continue reading

Business of Excellence: Ace Hardware of Orange City

Business of Excellence: Ace Hardware of Orange City paladin data corp pos systemAce Hardware of Orange City is a family-owned store located in a small town of just over 10,000 residents. Their nuts & bolts and lawn & garden offerings, as well as a phenomenal paint department allow them to go the extra mile in convenience-based customer service.

Richard finds the greatest reward in helping customers – being able to provide just the right solutions to their problems. In his many years in the industry, Richard has seen a drastic change in inventory management, “You have to maintain your investment by getting rid of the bad SKUs and increasing the good ones.” He has been successful in staying competitive with price and selection. The key to his success? Continue reading