SPECIAL: $591 Off RF Terminal

SPECIAL: $591 Off RF TerminalPaladin is pleased to announce the introduction of a new model of our popular RF Handheld Terminal System at a special price through February.

Now with Bluetooth, this low cost, easy-to-use interactive terminal uses radio waves to communicate with Paladin POS. With up to a 3.3 mile range, one base can cover most any location in your store and the RF unit will scan from up to 15 inches away. This new model features double the standard battery life with an extra lithium ion battery in the handle, a 15-line backlit LCD display, and customizable voice and display prompts. Continue reading

Paladin Mobile2™

PALADIN MOBILE2 ™ paladin data corp pos systemPaladin development is pleased to announce the completion of Phase One of Paladin Mobile2, the next generation of mobile device integration. Its revolutionary and robust user management and control system is managed through Paladin’s cloud-based connection broker, so you don’t have to expose your store to the risks of a Wi-Fi connection.

Our products work with all internet-enabled devices, and there is no limit to the number of mobile devices that can connect to your sales terminal. We understand the demands placed on busy checkout lanes, and we have designed our system to be both reliable and instantaneous. We’re certain you’ll be impressed with the simplicity, reliability, and operational speed provided by Paladin Mobile2. Continue reading

Trend Micro’s Managed Anti-Virus

Trend Micro's Managed Anti-Virus paladin data corp pos systemOver the years, Paladin has installed Trend Micro’s anti-virus program on thousands of computers running Paladin POS. In April of this year, we began issuing licenses for managed anti-virus programs for our clients.

Trend Micro’s managed program allows you to have anti-virus protection without having to manage the software yourself. Paladin’s technicians become your IT professionals, making sure your anti-virus protection is set up and running properly. Continue reading

Paladin POS: Powerful Simplicity

Paladin POS: Powerful Simplicity  paladin data corp pos systemAt Paladin, we have worked hard to create a user interface that makes every task easier and faster. Your people can be more productive and responsive to your customers’ needs instead of learning complex software skills or memorizing detailed business procedures. Continue reading

The Paradigm Shift in Retailing: Part 3

The Paradigm Shift in Retailing: Part 3 paladin data corp pos systemOver the last two quarters we’ve talked about the new paradigm in retail, which has given consumers more choices and information than ever before. Retailers can take action by offering advanced customer services, providing more responsive and proactive staff, up-selling, and developing e-commerce options. Product sales can be boosted by streamlining and automating the day-to-day operations that can sap your time and energy. We emphasized the importance of a customer loyalty or rewards program and mentioned ways to eliminate slow movers while expanding the breadth of offerings to reach your niche market. Finally, we encouraged store owners to map out a concrete plan for growing the business. Continue reading

Client Spotlight: Montana Ace

Client Spotlight: Montana AceStew and Meg Weis, owners of Montana Ace in Missoula, recently celebrated 20 years of running a successful business. Stew’s family has owned hardware stores for three generations; Meg is a second generation Ace Hardware store owner. After the two met at an Ace dealers’ convention, they bought a hardware store and grew to be prominent members of the community. Continue reading

The Paradigm Shift in Retailing: Part 2

The Paradigm Shift in Retailing: Part 2Last quarter we talked about the new paradigm in retail, where consumers have more choices and more information than ever before. Smart phones and other technology advancements have led to higher expectations in terms of pricing, availability and buying options. We discussed ways for retailers to take action, including advanced customer services like tracking customer purchases to offer “no-receipt” returns, targeted discount campaigns and more responsive and proactive staff. Other retention methods include up-selling as well as offering add-on services and e-commerce options. Continue reading

P2PE Credit Card Encryption

P2PE Credit Card Encryption paladin data corp pos systemUnless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you likely heard about or were directly affected by the Target credit card breach. According to press reports, hackers were able to scan computer memory as cards were being swiped, harvesting confidential credit card data directly from the POS terminals. That breach wouldn’t have been possible if point-to-point encryption had been in place.

Point-to-point encryption (AKA end-to end encryption or P2PE) allows you to encrypt data on a credit card reader and send it to the credit card processor without the POS terminal ever seeing or storing the unencrypted data. Continue reading

President’s Corner

President’s Corner paladin data corp pos systemAs founder and president of Paladin Data Corp, I wish to extend my thanks and heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has steadfastly supported Paladin Point of Sale (POS) through the last 34 years. Because of your loyalty, suggestions and recommendations to peers, Paladin POS is helping more store owners than ever.

All departments at Paladin Data Corp have grown to accommodate this success, in fact we’ve outgrown our home base! We’ve found a great building to move into where we will have opportunity for further development and expansion. Continue reading

Upcoming Paladin Mobile2Deliver

Mobile Delivery Snapshot  paladin data corp pos system

We are hard at work on Paladin Mobile2Deliver™, a mobile app for stores that deliver product directly to customers. It allows you to update delivery information, take notes, accept signatures, and take pictures on a mobile device that links back to Paladin Point of Sale (POS). This is handy in the field if, for example, you are short on quantities or product is damaged during delivery. Continue reading