Paladin Tech Buzz

Paladin Tech Buzz paladin data corp pos systemAt Paladin, we are always exploring new methods to advance the ways our customers interact with and leverage our software solutions. We are excited to introduce “Excellence in Coaching,” a new series of free bi-weekly webinars! Initial topics include: distinctive features, custom reporting, loyalty programs, procedure recommendations, detailed instruction on new features, Mobile2 apps and more. Beginning June 30th, “The Top 10 Most Overlooked Features in Paladin POS” will kick things off. This presentation was well received at the recent Paladin User’s Group. To discover how you can participate in this and other Excellence in Coaching Webinars, click here. Continue reading

Business of Excellence: Ace Hardware of Orange City

Business of Excellence: Ace Hardware of Orange City paladin data corp pos systemAce Hardware of Orange City is a family-owned store located in a small town of just over 10,000 residents. Their nuts & bolts and lawn & garden offerings, as well as a phenomenal paint department allow them to go the extra mile in convenience-based customer service.

Richard finds the greatest reward in helping customers – being able to provide just the right solutions to their problems. In his many years in the industry, Richard has seen a drastic change in inventory management, “You have to maintain your investment by getting rid of the bad SKUs and increasing the good ones.” He has been successful in staying competitive with price and selection. The key to his success? Continue reading

Best Practices: A Knowledge Base

Best Practices: A Knowledge BaseKnowledge is power: The power to inform. The power to learn. The power to connect.

A knowledge base is a collection of articles used to educate employees and as an avenue of public relations. How do you create excellent knowledge base articles for your company? Continue reading

Where Technology Needs to Go Next

Where Technology Needs to Go Next paladin data corp pos systemYou open your email to discover the interface has  been completely redesigned and now you can’t find that one button you need most. The trendy app you just downloaded seems so complicated to navigate. And you’re not sure you want to update your mobile device and risk having to learn to operate it all over again.

Each and every one of us have likely experienced this frustration. As technology increasingly penetrates every aspect of our lives, we use it for everything: banking, shopping, planning the day, staying healthy, entertainment, navigating and staying in touch.  We have become so accustomed to having it, we couldn’t live without the conveniences and options it offers… Yet something still seems to be missing.  Why isn’t technology collectively easier to use? Continue reading

SPECIAL: $591 Off RF Terminal

SPECIAL: $591 Off RF TerminalPaladin is pleased to announce the introduction of a new model of our popular RF Handheld Terminal System at a special price through February.

Now with Bluetooth, this low cost, easy-to-use interactive terminal uses radio waves to communicate with Paladin POS. With up to a 3.3 mile range, one base can cover most any location in your store and the RF unit will scan from up to 15 inches away. This new model features double the standard battery life with an extra lithium ion battery in the handle, a 15-line backlit LCD display, and customizable voice and display prompts. Continue reading

Paladin Mobile2™

PALADIN MOBILE2 ™ paladin data corp pos systemPaladin development is pleased to announce the completion of Phase One of Paladin Mobile2, the next generation of mobile device integration. Its revolutionary and robust user management and control system is managed through Paladin’s cloud-based connection broker, so you don’t have to expose your store to the risks of a Wi-Fi connection.

Our products work with all internet-enabled devices, and there is no limit to the number of mobile devices that can connect to your sales terminal. We understand the demands placed on busy checkout lanes, and we have designed our system to be both reliable and instantaneous. We’re certain you’ll be impressed with the simplicity, reliability, and operational speed provided by Paladin Mobile2. Continue reading

Trend Micro’s Managed Anti-Virus

Trend Micro's Managed Anti-Virus paladin data corp pos systemOver the years, Paladin has installed Trend Micro’s anti-virus program on thousands of computers running Paladin POS. In April of this year, we began issuing licenses for managed anti-virus programs for our clients.

Trend Micro’s managed program allows you to have anti-virus protection without having to manage the software yourself. Paladin’s technicians become your IT professionals, making sure your anti-virus protection is set up and running properly. Continue reading

Paladin POS: Powerful Simplicity

Paladin POS: Powerful Simplicity  paladin data corp pos systemAt Paladin, we have worked hard to create a user interface that makes every task easier and faster. Your people can be more productive and responsive to your customers’ needs instead of learning complex software skills or memorizing detailed business procedures. Continue reading