Get Trained with Paladin Point of Sale

Paladin POS August Special: Bogo Training paladin data corp pos systemDo you need some pointers for navigating some of Paladin’s newly added features?

Now is a great time to schedule training.

Receive some extra training on aspects of Paladin Point of Sale that are fuzzy in your mind. If there’s anything you’d like to know, training is the way to go!

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Paladin’s Managed Antivirus Program

Paladin’s Managed Antivirus program is an excellent way to have computer security and protection without having to manage the software yourself. Paladin will do all the work for you – our Certified Antivirus Technician will set it up and make sure it’s running properly.

With Paladin managing your antivirus for you there is less work involved. What’s not to love? Continue reading

Looking for an Affordable Point of Sale?

Looking for an Affordable Point of Sale? paladin point of sale pos systemStarting with a point of sale system is expensive. It’s difficult to find a solution that is both cost effective, and is built for your business’ success. With all the costs that go into keeping your business running, it’s essential to find a point of sale system that fits your store without breaking the bank.

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Berkshire Ace Hardware Point of Sale Testimonial

Berkshire Ace Hardware Point of Sale Testimonial  paladin data corp pos systemGeorge Dickson, owner of Berkshire Ace Hardware since 1969, uses Paladin Point of Sale in his store. Through Paladin he has improved customer support, as well as quick responses from Paladin’s team.

If you’re wondering why you should use a computerized system instead of pen and paper, George explains how a point of sale system takes far less time and effort to manage. Not only does using Paladin Point of Sale save you time, but it allows you to make plans that don’t include your business. If you have family coming into town, you don’t have to worry about scrambling to catch up to the workload for weeks – you’re caught up in a fraction of the time. Continue reading

Why should I use an RF gun in my store?

Why should I use an RF gun in my store? paladin data corp pos systemThe handheld RF gun provides a simple and powerful solution allowing real-time inventory management.

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What Can I Do with Paladin’s Mobile Access App?

It sure would be convenient to skip calling the store for a checkup. Instead of calling in, simply view the numbers right on your mobile device with Paladin Mobile Access.

What can I do with Paladin Mobile Access?

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What is Paladin Managed Antivirus?

A recently joined Paladin client writes:

Dear Paladin, I recently switched over to your point of sale (thank you for all your help with that, by the way) and now my antivirus is expiring. I was just wondering if you had any recommendations for an antivirus?

Sincerely, A New Paladin Fan!

The following is a response from one of our technicians. This is CJ’s reply:

Dear New Paladin Fan, Welcome aboard! We’re glad to
have you with us here at Paladin.What is Paladin Managed Anti-Virus? paladin data corp pos system

You mentioned that your antivirus is expiring, and I have an excellent solution for you. Continue reading

Paladin’s Top 5 Pharmacy Point of Sale Features

Paladin’s Top 5 Pharmacy Point of Sale Features  paladin data corp pos systemWhat is Paladin Point of Sale?

Paladin Point of Sale is a straight-forward software that manages your inventory, cost, and margins without wasting your time. Paladin Data Corp specializes in point of sale software created for pharmacies, hardware, and retail stores. Learn more about Paladin Data Corp.

As you know, running a pharmacy involves many complex procedures and requirements. Paladin’s Point of Sale solution simplifies the job by embedding complicated processes into your point of sale system while keeping the software easy to use. Paladin’s top 5 pharmacy point of sale features are listed below.

  • Pharmacy System Integration
  • Compliance
  • Inventory Management
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI)
  • Filled vs. Picked-up Reports

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Paladin Mobile Access

Paladin Mobile Access paladin data corp pos systemImagine you’re at a trade show. Before you are a display of items you plan on selling in your store. Instead of sifting through files or calling the office to find out what you’ve paid for the items in the past, the information is at your fingertips. Paladin Mobile Access makes trade shows simpler by giving you immediate access to your information (and getting rid of the file cabinets).

It would be convenient to access your store information while on the road. This is exactly what we had in mind when creating Paladin Point of Sale’s mobile app. With Paladin’s mobile application you forgo calling your store for a checkup. Instead, you simply view the numbers on your phone or tablet.  Check in with mobile access to your store and save yourself the trouble of calling in. Continue reading

Expedite the Entering of Promotional Sale Items

Expedite the Entering of Promotional Sale Items paladin data corp pos systemThe “to do” list seems endless when you run a retail store. There are always items to update, sales to add, and changes to your inventory to soak up the day along with plenty of other tasks. Those frequent changes can take several hours of your time each week.

Upon observing the amount of time being put into managing these tasks, we realized we could help our clients address these needs quicker. Paladin’s development team produced a solution to complete these tasks in seconds rather than minutes or hours. Continue reading