Client Spotlight: Montana Ace Hardware

Client Spotlight: Montana Ace Hardware paladin data corp pos systemA Successful Small Business

Montana Ace of Missoula, Montana has recently celebrated their 20th year of running a successful business. Congratulations for all the hard work, Stew and Meg Weis!

Montana Ace has been cultivating their customer base since 1993. As the numbers began to rise, they have branched off to open other stores. Their success shows us how a friendly, family-run business can rise up and succeed in today’s economy.

Success came to Stew and Meg Weis through their relationship with one another, their history with the hardware industry, and the support of their community. Starting off as a family business, Stew and Meg committed themselves to providing excellent service and a wide selection of products that couldn’t be found in many larger stores. Not only did this product exclusivity appeal to their community, but it allowed Montana Ace to become the one and only stop for many items that other stores didn’t carry.

Since their start in 1993, Stew and Meg have hired many employees and continue to expand as they grow. Their brilliant advertising techniques continue to draw customers in with humor and a sense of caring that many big-box stores fail to achieve.

What Makes Montana Ace Stand Out?

Stew and Meg provide a comfortable environment that invites customers to feel like they belong; it lets them to become part of the family. This friendly demeanor draws people in and creates a unique bond between business and customers. As a small business, it is invaluable to have a special link to each person who walks through the doors.

To add to their store environment, Montana Ace has formed a unique style of advertising. This has allowed them to stand out among other hardware stores and businesses by far! Stew and Meg have given away free popcorn (this always makes people happy!), and have an open-door policy for dogs in their stores. The Weis family even has a comic strip based off of them!

People enjoy this kind of humor and creativity. These are excellent ways to advertise to your community! If you’re interested in attracting customers, take a look at these ideas to generate a friendly atmosphere.

How Montana Ace Uses Paladin Point of Sale

As Stew and Meg Weis continued to expand their business, they took on multiple stores. Currently, six of them use Paladin Point of Sale (POS) multi-store software. To learn more about the single- and multi-store software, visit this article.

Features that benefit Montana Ace Hardware include:

  • Ace Rewards Instant Savings
  • Ace High-Speed Ordering
  • Ace Hardware Promotional Coupons
  • The ability to email statements and invoices
  • Option to use the system with or without touch screens
  • Integrated gift card system
  • And many other features!

To learn more about Stew and Meg, visit this article written by the Montana NBC news.

What Paladin Can Do For You

Paladin supports hardware and retail stores, as well as lumber yards and pharmacies. If you’re curious about the features and benefits that Paladin offers, contact us in the comments below or send us an email by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Image found on Montana Ace Hardware’s Facebook page.

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