Client Spotlight: Montana Ace

Client Spotlight: Montana AceStew and Meg Weis, owners of Montana Ace in Missoula, recently celebrated 20 years of running a successful business. Stew’s family has owned hardware stores for three generations; Meg is a second generation Ace Hardware store owner. After the two met at an Ace dealers’ convention, they bought a hardware store and grew to be prominent members of the community.

Montana Ace’s family-run business has succeeded and expanded in the midst of big-box stores. They provide a comfortable, service-oriented and friendly environment that invites customers to become part of the family. They use humorous and creative advertising to engage customers. They offer a unique, welcoming shopping experience by offering popcorn and allowing dogs to accompany shoppers.

Currently, all six of their stores use Paladin’s multi-store point-of-sale system, allowing them to transfer stock between stores, among many other benefits. The system also allows them to make the most of Ace Rewards, high-speed ordering, promotional coupons, emailed statements and invoices, an integrated gift card system, and many other features. Stew explains, “Thanks to Paladin POS, our turns increased and are now higher than industry average.”

Congratulations to you, Stew and Meg! We are thrilled for you and wish you many more years of success.

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