Do It Best Direct Invoices and EDI Updates

Do It Best Direct Invoices and EDI Updates paladin data corp pos systemPaladin POS now supports Do It Best Vendor Direct Invoices! We suggest you review the list of services offered by Do It Best for more information on, and availability to this new service.

This update also provides significant enhancements to reporting Do It Best EDI processing. Specifically: A single EDI processing event containing multiple invoice files will now report each invoice number as a separate processing event. This should simplify reconciliation of Do It Best statements against the actual product received.

While Vendor Direct Invoices present several advantages to stores, users of Direct Invoices need to be aware of a few potential pitfalls.

Direct Invoices do not contain a reference to your original Purchase Order number. Without this reference, Paladin POS can not match received items to your PO. Our suggestion is that you issue a cancel backorder command on the entire outstanding PO so nothing is left ‘hanging’.

Direct Invoices do not usually contain retail prices. Users may define a “Default Margin on New EDI Items” that will allow Paladin POS to calculate a retail price for each item. This Default Margin control can be found under File – Setup – Company – EDI Group box.

If Retail prices are calculated using the Default Margin on New EDI Items, the calculated price will be rounded using data from the “_Default” rounding table defined in File – Setup – Rounding.

Direct Invoice records that do not match any known inventory AND do not contain enough information to create a new inventory record will not be recorded in inventory. We do report these events to you under the EDI processing sub report labeled “Errors During Processing – Parts Not Updated”

We hope the added support of Do It Best’s new feature is of value to your store.

August 2014 | Enterprise/Single-Store General Release 8405

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