Fighting Against Meth-Related Purchases with NPLEx

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She logged another purchase into the system. The pharmacy was busy that morning. The woman scanned another allergy medication before frowning in concern. Perhaps this customer was saving up on cold and allergy medicine.

Then again, maybe he was making meth and selling it to teenagers. The only way she could tell would be to look it up after the purchase was made.

Her hands halted on the keyboard. There had to be a better way to do this.

Fight against Illegal Drugs

Paladin is boldly opposing meth-related purchases. Pharmacists are in the front lines, and we offer them a new weapon: an easier means of tracking and recording purchases.

Our POS system now includes NPLEx (National Precursor Log Exchange), which offers a real-time logging system. This makes tracking purchases of over-the-counter medicines simple. By adding this feature, Paladin enables pharmacies to easily meet federal requirements.

It’s Worth It

No more long procedures that hold up lines. Paladin POS draws on the pharmacy’s records to identify potentially meth-related purchases and flags items as they are being invoiced.

This saves large quantities of time and makes the procedure smooth and painless. Warnings are immediate, and everything is done as the items are scanned. Much better than past processes that were complicated and difficult to remember.

The faster we can identify these items, the faster we can put a halt to manufacturing illegal drugs.

Automatic Completion

She was required to watch for meth-related purchases. Her eyes narrowed as a warning popped up. A recommended denial of the sale was presented, and the pharmacist reached for the phone.

With the automatic product logging and tracking, the woman didn’t have to recall the complex procedure to monitor meth-related sales. This new process was simple and easy.

As the pharmacist shut down Paladin and grabbed her keys, she smiled. She had stopped a meth dealer, and it had been easy.

Spring 2012 | Paladin Think POSitive Newsletter

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