The Help Portal: A Free Upgrade to First Class

World map connected, social network, globalization business, social media, networking concept.The Help Portal is a powerful free resource for all Paladin users. This is the place to find information about how to do almost anything in Paladin Point of Sale. With a single search, you can access all related knowledge base articles, videos, webinars, and new features.

The new Help Portal is web-based. You can get to the new Help Portal in a couple of ways. The help menu in Paladin Point of Sale has direct links to the various libraries in the Help Portal (knowledge base, videos, webinars, etc). When you make a selection, your web browser will open, taking you directly to that section of the Help Portal. Click the Paladin logo at the top of the page to get to the home page to search all libraries at once. Typing into your favorite web browser will also take you directly to the Help Portal home page. No user name or password required.

With the Help Portal open in a browser window, you have full access to Paladin Point of Sale. After learning about an interesting feature on the Help Portal you can immediately apply your new knowledge in Paladin. Although it’s not required, having two monitors, one for Paladin, one for your web browser, would be really handy.

Benefits of logging in. If you log in to the Help Portal using your Paladin user name and password, you’ll be able to open a new case (help request) and check on open cases. Here you can also give Paladin technicians remote access to your computer, should it be needed to fix something for you.

Tell us what you think. The Help Portal was a huge undertaking and the developers would love to have your input on how to make it even better. You’ll find space beneath each article for your suggestions. You’ll also find room at the bottom of the “contact us” page to comment on the site or anything else you’d like to share. The new Help Portal has made searching for information about Paladin Point of Sale faster and more efficient than ever. A single search delivers information from a variety of resources. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

By George Maginnis

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