Hiring: Where Have all the Good Ones Gone?

hiring processThe currently improving economic climate also is generating a job-seekers market. While beneficial in the big picture, this can create difficulty in finding good employees. Here are some tips:

Incentivize Existing Employees

Encourage them to promote the job opening (i.e. on social media) by offering a bonus if their candidate is hired and passes the three-month mark.

Be Open to the Inexperienced

Instead of looking for great backgrounds, look for great people. Willingness to learn and work hard trumps field familiarity every time.

Contact Relevant Organizations

Reach out to trade groups, the local college and the like. You’ll better your odds by fishing in the lake rather than the swimming pool.

Steal from the Competition

If your moral compass allows this route, you can quickly find ready-made skill sets.

Be Prepared to Scout

Be on the lookout everywhere you go: events you attend with your spouse, the gym, church or your local coffee stop.

Sell Your Cultural Experience

Highlight the non-monetary perks of working for your company. After all, there really is more to life than money.

The good ones are still out there; you might just have to turn over different rocks than you’re accustomed to.

By Leticia Stryker

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