How to Market to Customers Effectively

How to Market to Customers Effectively paladin data corp pos system“How do I get more customers to come to my store?” It’s a big question every store owner asks.

With Amazon pushing out mom-and-pop shops, store owners are working hard to bring customers into their stores. Your marketing tactic as a brick-and-mortar store should be the opposite of an online store: to get customers out of their houses and into the store.

Try these marketing methods to draw more customers:

Hold an Open House

Give your customers a reason to stop by with an open house. It’s a simple party with a purpose: attract people. Customers can come in and put their name in for a drawing to win a special prize. Include a yes or no checkbox on the drawing so they can chose to receive your newsletter. Customers can play games, grab some tasty treats and coffee, and get a good deal on gift certificates or products. While they’re in your store, they may shop around too.

Make Spending Money Fun

Use a loyalty program. Give the customer a reason to spend his money. Have sales on products that gather dust. Use a witty system for your tip jar, like some of these examples. Humor and personalization really do the trick.

Use Social Media

“I thought we were avoiding computer screens?” Your goal is to pull customers away from their screens to buy your product—you still need an online presence. Use Instagram and Facebook to your full potential. Ensure your Facebook page is set up to allow check-ins, reviews, an address, phone number, and business hours. Updating once a month will not work. You should be updating every day—or at least every other day—that you’re open.

Make your posts interactive! Ask a question, or thank specific customers (be careful with mentioning names) for their devotion. If you’re struggling to produce updates, search online for content related to your products.

Host a Seminar or Workshop

Could your customers essentially purchase anything you offer through a website? Sure, but you offer something Amazon doesn’t: hands-on help.

Take Lowe’s as an example. They offer workshops to teach customers how to master texturizing, and even offer workshops for kids to build and paint a little train. Publicize your seminar or workshop: newspaper ads, social media, email, signs—everyone should know about their invitation. Create a personal connection with your customers by offering your own how-to.

Unite Forces

If you’re in an area where several shops are in the same strip, come together with them on one mission: customers! Host an event for one evening of shopping, sales, and snacks. If all stores team up on this one mission, you won’t have enough room for all the customers!

Provide Samples

There’s a boutique I visit often that has several vender booths selling kitchen products I could buy on Amazon—I know, because I’ve checked—but they offer samples (not to mention fun, contagious attitudes). They have samples of dehydrated okra and sell it in their store. Guess where I go to buy okra? You guessed it.

As a bonus: the employees use and try all of their own products and engage with me on how to make a certain dip or how to season a specific recipe. If possible, offer samples in your store. Good examples include: lotion, cologne, and tiny tools.

Another take on providing samples includes a “featured projects” wall for your customers’ hard work. Engage them as often as you can, and give them recognition to be proud of!

Offer Promos

From magnets to USB flash drives, promotional products are cost-effective tools that advertise for you. You can also get rulers, letter openers, or pens—anything that will promote your business. Choose promos that are useful and give them out at your events. Keep them next to your cash registers and send your customers home with a few.

Beautify the Store Front

What can you add or update to your store front to wow customers? Sidewalk sales, gorgeous window displays, and window art attract customers and show them you care about your physical store. If you’re selling food, set out colorful chairs to tempt your visitors to sit down and munch. The more welcoming your store front is, the more customers you usher in.

Begin a Personal Relationship

If you want customers, you have to go above friendly and beyond helpful—you have to get to know the customer. When a customer walks in your store, he should feel like you’re old pals. Channel your inner extrovert and form a personal relationship with your customers.

If you’re looking for ways to start marketing to your customers, try one of these tactics. Draw more customers in and see the difference it makes for your store.


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