IMPORTANT CLASS SETTLEMENT NOTICE paladin data corp pos systemDid you process Visa or MasterCard between Jan 1, 2004 – Nov 28, 2012?

You may be entitled to a Payment Card Interchange Fee Settlement payout.

In December 2013, a Class Settlement was approved among merchants Visa, MasterCard and other defendants in a class-action lawsuit.  The lawsuit claims that merchants paid excessive fees for accepting Visa and MasterCard between the dates of January 1, 2004 and November 28, 2012.  You may be eligible to receive $600-$800 per $1,000,000 processed.

Regardless of who you were processing with during the specified time period, if you are now processing with Mercury, a claim can be submitted on your behalf.  Mercury has partnered with MCAG, a class-action settlement expert, to help streamline the filing process and secure your settlement at no upfront cost to you.  If you do not currently process with Mercury, you may also submit a claim on your own.

For more information or to enroll with MCAG, please visit and enter code MERC10.

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