Increasing Business with Customer Loyalty Programs

Increasing Business with Customer Loyalty Programs paladin data corp pos systemToday’s market seems to be all about the price. How much cheaper can I get it here as opposed to there and who is going to give me the best deal. So the age-old question comes to mind, “how do I keep up with the never ending competitive market?”

One savvy solution is to employ a customer loyalty or rewards program. These programs offer customers both the perception of lower prices as well as an incentive to buy more. Customers earn points on every purchase they make in your store, which ultimately adds up to an earned coupon for money off their next purchase. The coupon creates motivation to return to your store and, in turn, continues the point earning/coupon cycle. Customers feel the benefits of a “cheaper price” when they use the coupon, plus it also provides incentive to spend more so they can earn their next coupon faster.

Paladin offers several customer loyalty programs to help you increase and maintain business. One of which is Paladin’s royalty-free loyalty program, called Rich Rewards. Rich Rewards allows your customers to earn points up to a level you have selected and then a coupon for the amount you have chosen will print out on their receipt, redeemable on their next visit. You also can choose which categories are eligible for the rewards program. Paladin support can quickly get you up and running. Call 800-725-2346 to get started.

By Jenny Cooper

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