Lineal Footage Tally Calculator

Lineal Footage Tally Calculator paladin pos systemEveryone agrees that the building material business has changed significantly over the last 30 years. In spite of all the changes, you still need to tally lineal footage into a grand total of quantity sold.

The Paladin POS Invoice / Quote system includes a Tally Calculator that can be used at anytime for any product. Regardless of product sold (finish lumber, PT plate material, rolled metal sheeting, etc) our Tally Calculator allows you to enter details of the product sold (or Special Ordered) and when done lists the details of all product included in the tally.

The Tally Calculator is easy to use. You simply enter a quantity followed by a foot and/or inch length for each unique length. Both feet and inches can be entered as fractions i.e. 8.5’ or 120.5”.  This system accommodates both lumber and rolled metal products.

Use this feature in your Paladin POS system to calculate your lineal footage for products such as metal sheeting and finish lumber for a sale. This feature is simple to use, and allows you to get an immediate price for your customers.

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