Manager Approval for Product Returns

Manager Approval for Returns OptionA store specific control has been added that allows you to add real-time oversight to product returns.

If you desire this type of feature, click File – Setup – Company and scroll down the screen to the Manager Approval Required group box. Check the box beside the “Returns Require Manager Approval” label. The next field of “Require Manager Approval for Returns Over $___” allows you to exclude small returns from requiring a manager’s approval by entering a dollar threshold to activate this feature.

This feature is presented to the cashier at the beginning of the payment wizard screens at checkout. To conclude the sale a manager must enter their four digit password into request box. The sale is concluded noting that manager ID # XXX approved the return.

Contact your Paladin customer service at 1-800-725-2346 if you’re interested in the manager approval for product returns for your POS system.

November 2012 | Enterprise/Single-Store General Release 7154.2

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