What are the Cons to Shooting Holes and Managing Inventory?

What are the Cons to Shooting Holes and Managing Inventory?Are you spending hours walking your aisles spotting holes on your shelves? Are you paying for someone else to do it? Managing inventory with Paladin Point of Sale is easy, fast, and smart. Our clients save thousands of dollars using Paladin’s inventory management system to avoid over and under stocking.

Here’s the problem with relying solely on walking your aisles checking for holes on your shelves in order to generate an order report.

There’s too much information to remember.

Imagine this: you’re tired of walking your aisles counting inventory, so you hire someone else to do it. This person faithfully crawls through the aisles hunting for holes on the shelves. He sees an item with only two left on the shelf and orders another.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the store only sells one of these items a month. While full shelves look good, having more inventory than you can sell is risky and costs you. Overstocked products can really be money-guzzlers.

Even if you walk the aisles yourself, it is difficult to keep track of the history of every item. How often do water heaters sell? Are more hammers sold in June or July? How many hammers were sold last year at this time? Do people usually buy construction glue in quantities of 2 or 6?

The answers to all of these questions help you make smart decisions about your store’s inventory investments. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that kept track of all of this for you?  Paladin Point of Sale does.

How does Paladin save you money with its inventory management system? Learn about it here.

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