Paladin Point of Sale Multi-store Solution

Paladin Point of Sale Multi-store Solution paladin data corp pos systemAt Paladin, there’s one fundamental question that we continually ask ourselves related to our success, and that is: “How can we make store management easier for our clients?” Because our success is measured only by the success of our customers.

Paladin’s Point of Sale system automates and simplifies store management for all of our customers and all of their stores. Yes, Paladin can manage a single store as well as an entire multi-store chain, with unlimited number of stores and terminals! Paladin customers spend less time managing their multi-store stock supply and more time with their customers using Paladin’s powerfully simple multi-store solution.

Paladin’s Enterprise Point of Sale Solution™

Paladin’s multi-store solution (Paladin Enterprise Point of Sale™) is convenient, time-efficient, intuitive, stable and simple to learn & use.

It’s also safe and secure. You know that horrible sinking feeling when the Internet goes down, or the server shuts off and you lose important data? Not anymore. Paladin Point of Sale prevents data loss. Your system functions even when the Internet or VPN drops out of sight. Paladin’s publishing technology provides a fail-safe solution that replicates data to the entire chain of store in near real-time and ensures you won’t fail or lose any important information.

The Paladin Enterprise Point of Sale Solution™ empowers you to manage all of your stores from any store or corporate location because all of your stores are interconnected and data is shared will all stores across the network.

One Paladin technician described the multi-store software as an interconnected system like “a spider web: there is a main hub, and each of the subscribing stores are linked together sharing the same information.”

From any location, at the push of a button you can:

  • Access data (including stock information) for any store
  • Easily swap or transfer items between stores
  • Monitor the performance of your stores in real time
  • Effortlessly manage product pricing and margins for all stores
  • Run combined (or separate) store revenue reports and statements
  • Support both centralized and independent store ordering
  • Process a single Accounts Receivable statement for your house customers

Simplify Your Business

Most difficulties with multi-store management stem from complicated procedures that are easily automated by a capable system.

With Paladin Point of Sale, you can:

  • Control your cash flow
  • Automate complicated procedures
  • Manage your inventory efficiently
  • Process suggested orders
  • Enforce store best practices & procedures
  • Easily train your cashiers

Time away from the computer screen is a huge plus—especially for those who manage many stores at once. Automate menial tasks so you can spend less time in the back-office and more time where it really matters: with your customers.

Before Paladin, George and Judy, owners of Berkshire Ace Hardware, spent six hours a day managing store data. There was so much daily work put in to keeping the data in order, they were relieved when they found Paladin. Now, George and Judy spend about six hours a week managing store data. They can now focus on their customers and have extra time to take much anticipated vacations. (For more information about Paladin Point of Sale and Berkshire Ace Hardware, visit this link:

Sound too good to be true? Paladin takes “too good to be true” and makes it reality.

We handle the heavy lifting so you can sit back and take a breather. We give you the tools and knowledge to control your inventory and maximize profits. Paladin Point of Sale takes the burden out of managing your Stock-Keeping Units (SKUs), margins, and inventory by keeping everything simple through automation.

Paladin Point of Sale is the solution to multi-stores—and the answer to simple, straight-forward success. Call us at 800-725-2346 to talk about multi-store for your business.


Post written by: Shayla Eaton

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