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Paladin POS Reports paladin data corp pos systemPaladin Point of Sale reports present invaluable information of all kinds. If you’d like to check up on the monthly status of your store, track item progress, or manage your inventory easily, Paladin has it all. Monitor your store, items, customers, and staff to further increase your store’s productivity and efficiency.

With so many different reports available, you can choose from an assortment of details that you want to learn more about. There are reports to track nearly everything! To learn where to find a report, contact Paladin customer service at 1-800-725-2346. We’d love to help you find what you’re looking for.

So, what do these Paladin reports do? What’s the point, and how do they work?

The Report Types

Accounts Receivable Reports

Paladin offers accurate, real-time accounts receivable statements and reports from your store. This means you can generate transaction statements and reports, deal with customer accounting, and keep track of who has and hasn’t paid you.

Listed below are some of the reports and their features.

  • Cash Management reports
    • Includes a late payment list
    • Informs you of notices to send out
    • Includes a list of customers who haven’t paid you in x amount of days
  • Statement Generation reports
    • Generates the month end statement
    • Prints an account summary and/or statement
    • Operates from a set point in the month (such as the first, or whichever parameter is set)
    • Mid-month Statement Generation report
      • Similar to the Statement Generation report
      • Can be viewed and run at any given time
      • Can be run on one customer to view an example of the report
  • Accounting reports
    • Includes accounting detail
    • Per customer report
    • More detailed than the Accounting Summary report
    • Accounting Summary report
      • Automatically created when you run statement generation
      • Shows how much customers owe and have paid

Inventory Reports

Paladin keeps track of your inventory history, margin changes, items sold, and even deleted items. This empowers you to view the changes within your inventory, generate and print bintags, and view both an analysis and usage report of your store.

To help manage your inventory, Paladin’s development team created the “suggested order report.” This is one of Paladin’s most powerful reports. When left to its own devices, it generates and upholds the prime amount of stock for your store throughout the year. It takes little to no adjusting to get just the right amount of product to fill the holes on your shelves. To learn about Paladin’s suggested order report challenge, click here.

Listed below are a few of the different inventory reports and features.

  • Labels reports
    • Allows you to print bintag labels
    • Stores formats in system for a dedicated label printer
    • Lets you generate bintag info file and print tags via laser printer
  • History reports
    • Produces history of what’s going on in your system
    • Receiving report
      • Provides a record of receiving events in your store within search criteria
    • Price and Margin Changes report
      • Presents all price and margin changes in Excel format
    • Item Sold report
      • Shows items sold within defined search criteria
    • Deleted Item report
      • Presents a report of deleted items in your store
  • Purchase Order report
    • On-order items report
    • Produces a list of items that are on order
    • Suggested Order report
      • This powerful report is what differentiates Paladin from all other POS systems
      • Uses market-driven tactics to manage your inventory
      • Adjusts to trends and seasonal stocking
      • Requires little to no adjusting
      • To learn more about this report, contact us at 1-800-725-2346
  • General Reports
    • For any kind of general report on prices, discontinued items, or negative stock on hand, see the General reports.
    • Summary report
      • Appendix-like report
      • Quick view of your store products
      • Summary of what’s happening in your store
    • Master report
      • Same concept as general report, but with more information
      • Includes a view of store products and what’s happening in your store
      • Sales history added
    • Price list
      • View a list of all item prices
      • Includes item descriptions and part numbers
    • Quantity Price Break list
      • View any item or product with a quantity price break
    • Alternate Part Number list
      • View a list of items with alternate part numbers
    • Discontinued Item report
      • View a list of discontinued items
      • Includes an inventory evaluation summary
      • Lists the stock value, retail value, margin on sales, number of items, and various other pieces of information
    • Defective Parts list
      • View a list of defective parts and items
      • When an item is returned as defective, it is placed in this list
      • Use this information to send defective parts to right the supplier and get them out of your system
    • Inventory Count list
      • View a count of your store inventory
    • Autotext items
      • View a list of items with autotext
      • An example of autotext: When a customer buys cigarettes, autotext reminds the cashier to  “ask if customer needs a lighter”
    • Negative Stock On Hand list
      • View a list of the negative stock in your store
    • EDI Masked Item report
      • View all locks on items

Performance Analysis Reports

Paladin keeps track of your sales and margins, giving you easy access to performance analysis reports. Keep your store in tip-top shape by monitoring which products can be cycled out of your inventory, managing your margins, and keeping track of price shrinkage.

We currently have three reports for performance analysis; more will be added in the future.

Listed below are the current reports and their features.

  • Margin Management report
    • Produces a report that shows margins by item
    • Learn how much you’re making when you sell products
  • Slow Movers report
    • Created to help get rid of product that’s not selling
    • Offers suggestions to avoid unnecessary investments
    • Helps find items that can be cycled out of your store
  • Shrinkage report
    • Report shows the shrinkage of all parts
    • Shows all stock adjustments in your inventory

Sales Analysis Reports

Paladin offers accurate, hourly sales analysis statements and reports from your store. This allows you to keep an eye on what happens during any (and every) sale. View reports that detail margins, balances, deposits, and other transaction specifics.

  • What I Need To Know reports
    • Hourly Analysis report
      • View store sales by the hour
      • Includes a quick look at what times you need more employees
    • Sales Person Exception report
      • Records where a salesperson has changed the price of an item
    • Transaction report
      • Shows store transactions according to the set filter or search parameters
    • Pharmacists Consultation report
      • This report records the items that required pharmacists consultation, including items that require a pharmacists’ signature
    • Invoice Margin Analysis report
      • View the margin on invoice
  • Daily Balancing reports
    • Today’s Register Balance
      • View today’s register balance
    • Yesterday’s Register Balance
      • View yesterday’s register balance
    • Period Register Balance
      • View a register balance for the entire month
    • Check Deposit report
      • View pieces of registry balance report
      • View list of transactions where a check deposit was made
    • Credit Card Deposit report
      • View list of transactions were a credit card deposit was made
  • Revenue reports
    • Today’s Comparative Revenue
      • View today’s incoming revenue by breaking down incoming sources of revenue
    • Yesterday’s Comparative Revenue
      • View yesterday’s incoming revenue
    • Period Comparative Revenue
      • View yesterday’s incoming revenue
    • Report Revenue from a Promotion
      • From sale, what money you didn’t make from a promotion

Customer Reports

If you’re looking for a way to keep all of your customer information in a detailed, user-friendly list, Paladin has the reports for you. View the payment methods used, and keep track of your customers’ sales and profit ranking.

  • Customer Lists
    • Customer List
      • View accounting methods, names, credit limits, etc.
    • Customer File Export
      • This report is the same as the customer list, but this version can be exported
  • Ranking
    • Customer Sales Ranking
      • Customers sorted by sales and profit
    • Customer Profit Ranking
      • Customer sales and profit ranking

Most Important Reports

Each and every one of Paladin Point of Sale’s reports holds invaluable information. Three of the most important reports are listed below. To find out why these reports are so important, or how they can be of use, call us at 1-800-725-2346.

  • Suggested Order Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Revenue Report

Learn More about the POS Reports

With various reports available, you can choose from an assortment of details that you want to learn more about. There are reports to track nearly everything!

Feel free to contact Paladin customer support at 1-800-725-2346. To see a full list of the Paladin reports, click on the “Reports” tab located at the top of your terminal screen.

To learn more about the Paladin Point of Sale system as we add new reports and features, enter your name and email in the fields below.

**DISCLAIMER: This list is subject to change.**

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