Get Rid of Slow Movers – Paladin Point of Sale’s Slow Movers Report

Get Rid of Slow Movers - Paladin POS Slow Movers Report paladin data corp pos systemThere’s always that one item that refuses to leave the shelf.

Looking at the surplus of rakes, Larry knew it was time to let them go. As slow movers, they cost too much to keep around. He’d kept them for three seasons, and it was obvious that the rakes were undesirable. None of Larry’s customers were interested in taking them, even when they were on sale. And to think … he’d bought them for a good bulk price! What a waste of a good deal.

The only thing to do with the slow movers was to put them in the bargain bin and hope someone took interest. The worst part about it wasn’t just losing money on the items, but also having to store the rakes until they slowly filtered out of stock.

Not only is getting rid of slow moving items time consuming, but it’s a drain on your funds to keep non-selling items sitting around.

The Disadvantages of Slow Movers

When slow movers stay on your shelves, you are losing money. Unsold stock uses up space, takes a lot of effort to get rid of, and potentially expires or becomes outdated. It’s like an unwanted guest who won’t leave – as time goes on they become less desirable. The worst disadvantage of slow moving items is the fact that you purchased them. Money was spent, but there was no return on your investment.

Slow movers take their own sweet time filtering out of your inventory. Tracking them takes time and effort that pulls your attention away from what IS selling. Pinpointing slow movers is incredibly simple with Paladin’s Slow Movers Report; a report that tracks slow moving items for you.

Paladin Point of Sale’s Solution to Slow Movers

Paladin’s Slow Movers Report is a powerful tool that differentiates Paladin Point of Sale from all other point of sale systems. The Slow Movers Report uses market-driven tactics to manage your inventory and track the items that don’t sell. Paladin created the report so it will adjust to trends and seasonal stocking, and requires little to no adjusting.

Additional benefits of the Slow Movers Report include:

  • Increase store profit
  • Replace slow items with ones that sell

If you’re interested in learning more about the Slow Movers Report, or would like to speak to someone about it, send us an email at

Make Room for Items That Sell

What did Larry do to monitor the slow moving items in his store? Before making any more investments in new stock, Larry ran his inventory through the Slow Movers Report. He replaced the slow movers with items that sold quickly. This brought the bottom line up in his store, and got rid of those silly rakes that wouldn’t leave the shelves.

Now that Larry can see which items are weighing sales down, he can get rid of them quickly. The Slow Movers Report has become an invaluable tool that lessens work and saves money in his store.

Interested in seeing if this report works for you? Contact us at 800-725-2346. We would love to talk to you about the report and set it up for your store.

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