Paladin Point of Sale Supports Single and Multi-Stores

Paladin POS Supports Single and Multi-Stores paladin data corp pos systemSingle and multi-stores – Benefits for all.

Imagine running your business with half the effort. Imagine having more time to spend at home, or out of the office. There are plenty of things you could be doing with your time. Why spend it in the office when you can automate and simplify the work required?

Whether you own one store or a whole chain, Paladin Point of Sale (POS) gives you more time with your customers and less time managing your inventory.

The information is in your hands

The more you know, the more you control.

Your inventory is an investment. Imagine receiving more than you spend! We help you organize your inventory so it will make you money instead of lose it. Paladin gives you the tools and the knowledge to control your inventory and maximize margins. We take the burden out of managing your Stock-Keeping Units (SKUs), margins, and inventory. Transfer your data to and from Excel and simply organize and edit the information.

Have you wandered through your store to take down your inventory and create “we need more of this” lists? It’s time-consuming! Never again will you have to roam the aisles creating purchase reports from scratch.

Through Paladin, store owners can produce various reports to manage their inventory and data, including the Suggested Order Report. As the name states, the Suggested Order Report recommends ordering items based on your current inventory levels and past item sales history. What does this do for you? It modifies the amount of product to order and makes suggestions based on how quickly items sell and your desired number of stock days. You don’t have to worry about over or under-buying again. With Paladin, you get the information you need, every time and in real-time!

The best source for single-store installations.

The Paladin Point of Sale operating system is user-friendly and easy to learn. Keep your customers eager to return by using a one-step checkout and maintaining all historical purchase history. Updates are included, and new features are added regularly. Paladin provides personal training as well as excellent customer support to keep your store running smoothly.

With Paladin single-store software you have access to*:

  • Real-time product lookup by keyword, class, department, location or supplier.
  • Integrated browser for real-time warehouse lookup on supplier websites.
  • Advanced security and auto logout options.
  • Integrated customer rewards programs and support for third-party reward programs.
  • Numerous reports for improved store management.

Multi-store Software: Ensure chain stores have no weak links.

The Paladin Enterprise Point of Sale Solution™  is nearly identical to what we offer for our Single-Store Point of Sale, but with added features to manage all of your stores from any store location or corporate. This means you get all the same benefits plus many more. For starters, with Paladin multi-store software, all of your stores are interconnected and accessible from any location. One Paladin technician described the multi-store software as an octopus: there is a main hub, but each of the linked stores share the same information. With Paladin Enterprise Point of Sale Solution™, the stock and sales information for each store can be easily shared or transferred. Each store can also be treated as a separate entity or as part of the whole when it comes to Ordering, Accounts Receivables and the Rewards Program.

With connected stores, from any location you can*:

  • Share data (including stock information) between stores at the push of a button.
  • Easily swap or transfer items between stores.
  • Monitor the performance of your stores in real time.
  • Effortlessly manage product pricing and margins for all stores.
  • Run combined (or separate) store revenue reports and statements.
  • Supports both centralized and independent store ordering.

For a more complete list of benefits for each type of store owner, see the chart below (Fig. 1*).

We’re here to make you successful. There’s no easier way to manage your inventory and enhance your customer relationships. Contact a Paladin team member today and put our benefits to work for your store. We’d love to talk to you and find out what works best for your business! Call 800-725-2346, or request more information here.

*This list is not complete. For more details on single and multi-store solutions, call 800-725-2346.

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