How Does Your Paladin Point of Sale System Make You Money?

How Does Your Paladin POS System Make You Money?Every business investment is made with the intention of making money. If you rent a building for your store, you do it with the intention of selling products. The principle behind investment is to gain more than you spend.

Every dollar that you spend for your business should earn you more in return. Your investment in a point of sale (POS) system should be no different. It should be making you more money than it costs. You need to make money to keep your business going. Paladin understands that.

So, how does Paladin Point of Sale make you more money than it costs?


One day, a business owner was having trouble with his store. Through Paladin Point of Sale reports, he immediately saw the problem: he had items that just weren’t selling! It took cash to store them, and they weren’t making him any money. They were taking up the space where other more profitable items could be. Using reports from his Paladin Point of Sale system, he decided to get those slow movers in the bargain bin. It wasn’t long before they were selling, and there was finally more space on his shelves.

Paladin Point of Sale makes you money by streamlining the process of your store. We make it easier for you by getting rid of the clutter so you can maintain and run your store. We do it differently than everyone else. We don’t just give you reports on what’s doing best. Paladin Point of Sale gives you the direct reports you want and need without adding extra fluff to the chaos.

Paladin gives you reports on:

  • Slow movers (the items that aren’t making you money)
  • Inventory investment
  • People who haven’t paid you
  • Performance analysis
  • Shrinkage
  • Overstock
  • ROI

Less to Focus On

You don’t have to micromanage your entire store. Paladin only brings things to your attention that are absolutely necessary. There is so much on a store owner’s mind! Start simplifying what you need to concentrate on. We take responsibility for some of the chaos that comes with running a business. Let Paladin Point of Sale take care of the reports for you!

Get Rid of the Slow Movers

There was once a small hardware store in the middle of town. It was owned by a family, and had been a blessing throughout the years. This store was doing fairly well, and wasn’t worried when a Walmart opened up on the South side of town. A week later, K-Mart opened up on the North side.

It was a few days after these stores opened when a woman came into the hardware store. The owner helped her sign up for an account at his store, and asked her why she looked so upset.

“I’m a fixer,” she explained. “I go into a store that doesn’t make money, and I fix it.”

As she continued, the woman said that the new K-Mart store was doomed. They got a delivery truck once a day, while Walmart received a truck every two hours. Walmart didn’t keep what they couldn’t sell for two hours – they weren’t investing in what they couldn’t sell.

Not only was there a longer wait for sold-out K-Mart items, but they were buying products that wouldn’t sell quickly. The wait to replenish their shelves was longer than Walmart’s, and the items that didn’t sell took up room in the store.

Walmart was successful because they knew what would sell. They didn’t buy products just for the sake of getting a “smoking deal.” They bought nothing unless it would sell quickly, and what didn’t sell like hot cakes, they got rid of it with sales!

Paladin Point of Sale can help get rid of the items that aren’t making you money, and suggest items that will improve our store. Our system can help you maintain the efficiency customer’s have come to expect.

Ways Paladin Point of Sale Makes You Money

Do you have thousands of items in your store? How do you keep track of all of them? How about a suggested order report? Paladin’s suggested order report will help you regularly generate a list of items that need to be replenished based on the sell-history of that item.  Learn more about how Paladin can make you money here.

How does Paladin Point of Sale make you money?

  1. Reports (find slow movers and various ways to help improve your inventory)
  2. Suggested order report
  3. Simplify your job as a store manager (with shrinkage reports and overstock reports)
  4. Save time by getting rid of the need to micromanage your store

Here at Paladin, we’re always willing to help. By using the Paladin Point of Sale system, you can improve your store and make money. Work for how you’ll be doing business in ten years, not just today.

Do you have any questions about Paladin? Let us know in the comments below!

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