Paladin POS: Powerful Simplicity

Paladin POS: Powerful Simplicity  paladin data corp pos systemAt Paladin, we have worked hard to create a user interface that makes every task easier and faster. Your people can be more productive and responsive to your customers’ needs instead of learning complex software skills or memorizing detailed business procedures.

A large, user-friendly display appeals to workers of all ages and abilities. We purposely keep the icons and buttons to an absolute minimum—no confusing displays and options make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Fewer keystrokes allow you to process more transactions per hour. Compliance requirements like tracking meth-related purchases and electronic signature capture are streamlined, simplifying responsibilities and reducing compliance lapses.

Store owners often put off implementing a new POS system because they dread the disruption and expenses that typically follow. We have developed two options to get your store up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible:

  • Option 1: A team of experts will come to your site and install Paladin at your store. We will train your employees and ensure you are ready to “go live.” In five days or less, your setup is ready for customers.
  • Option 2: Set up Paladin yourself, guided remotely every step of the way by a dedicated and knowledgeable Paladin Project Manager. Because the system is so intuitive and easy to learn, Paladin users report that they can train employees in half an hour!

Policies and pricing variables (sales, coupons, special pricing for top customers, etc.) are automatically enforced, leaving your employees to interact with customers instead of fumbling around the register trying to fix errors. Electronic integration with major suppliers allows you to maintain up-to-date product and pricing information.

Paladin has made a conscious and concerted effort to make its POS system extremely powerful, yet simple to use. While you’re met with an intuitive, simple interface, don’t be fooled…the engine behind the pretty face is both powerful and complex. Paladin’s talented engineers have managed to create a system that is extremely user-friendly, while still allowing for complicated behind-the-scenes operations for inventory control, reporting, employee management, compliance tasks, accounting, and much more.

Your Paladin POS system should make your life less complicated, not more. Call us at 800-725-2346 to talk with our experts about how the most powerfully simple point-of-sale solution can streamline your store’s operations.

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