Paladin Supports Mercury Payment’s TranSentry 2.1!

Paladin Supports Mercury Payment's TranSentry 2.1!Paladin Point of Sale has received certification on Mercury Payment’s TranSentry 2.1. This new credit card processing software includes the newest PCI PA/DSS security standards and supports encrypted credit card devices.

Everyone has a little time before the new PCI standards become mandatory, but you don’t have to worry about a POS system not keeping up with the regulations.

The supposed benefit from the new regulations is the encrypted credit card devices. With these new devices, by the time the card data leaves the credit card swipe it is already encrypted to PCI standards and the likelihood of card data theft is lower.

TranSentry 2.1 also contains a full suite of features that allow you to “store credit cards on file”. Actually Mercury stores the credit card data and provides Paladin Point of Sale with a token (a unique reference number) that when used, will act like a credit card in your store.

If you have interest in looking at the new encrypted credit card equipment please contact Paladin Customer Service. We’ve incorporated our systems with Mercury Payment features for your convenience.

November 2012 | Enterprise/Single-Store General Release 7154.2

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