Paladin Tech Buzz: Sales Automation with Paladin’s PromoBuilder

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We sometimes find Paladin users putting items on sale by changing the price in the inventory module. Using this method, you have to do the mark-down math, you’ll need to mark-down each item before the sale and change them again after the sale. The tools built into Paladin for creating a sale automate the process, save you time, and give you more control over your sales.

Easily Add Items: There are lots of ways to add to your sale. It all depends on your goals.

  • Manually add items if you have just a few things to put on sale.
  • Import a text file to put multiple items on sale at once. The text file should contain two columns. Item numbers on the left with the corresponding sale price in the right. That’s all you need!
  • Apply discounts to a single class, multiple classes, or entire departments with a few mouse clicks. Reduce the price of hundreds of items quickly. Paladin does the math.

Scheduling: You select the start and end date. Build sales weeks or months in advance. When the sale ends, all prices automatically return to normal.

Choose who gets the discount: Offer your sale to the general public, your rewards program customers, your paint or general contractors, your most profitable or highest volume customers, your parents, your cat. The options are endless. Create a secret sale and market directly to specific customers.

Added Benefits

Signage: Once you’ve created your sale in Paladin, you have the option to print special signage for each item to help you promote your discounts. No need to create them individually. Start and end dates for the sale can be included to create a little urgency.

Ongoing Sales: An end date isn’t required for every sale. You can leave a sale in place for one contractor who reliably buys everything from you. Create an employee discount that sets the sale price at a small percentage above cost. Prices appear in point of sale with the discount applied. No need to make price adjustments at checkout.

Overlapping Sales: It’s entirely possible that a single item might be listed under two or more sales at one time. When Paladin sees pricing conflicts, it automatically defaults to the lowest price. This prevents hassles at checkout, embarrassment for cashiers, and makes customers happy.

There is an excellent video in the Paladin Help Portal by our own Charles Owen, “Automating Sales, Promotions and Trade Discounts.” He shows how to build a sale and all your set up options. Charles also discusses quantity discounts, coupons, and more.

Use these features the next time you create a sale. You’ll save hours of time, reduce errors, and have more time to spend creating a great shopping experience for your customers.

By George Maginnis

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