Paladin Visits Ross Valley Pharmacy: How Paladin Helps

Paladin Visits Ross Valley Pharmacy: How Paladin Helps paladin data corp pos systemCharles Owen took a day to visit Ross Valley Pharmacy to speak with Paul Lofholm, Pharm.D. Seeing his childhood home was a great experience, and Charles enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the pharmacy. It’s easy to see what draws people in to work with the family-owned business! Their efficient, comfortable way they handle the pharmacy is a huge draw.

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Ross Valley Pharmacy was using SuiteRx’s IPS system. How did this change the pharmacy business experience?

In the beginning, Ross Valley Pharmacy started working with an IBM typewriter driven by paper tape in order to generate prescriptions. From there, they moved on to work with a PDX system. Unfortunately, the system didn’t meet all of the pharmacy’s needs. From there, Ross Valley switched over to Etreby. While Etreby worked with a better clinical application, Lofholm found that he needed a more sophisticated workflow system.

SuiteRx, one of Paladin’s partner solutions, was next on their list. Ross Valley Pharmacy has been using SuiteRx since 2008, and continues to work smoothly with the Paladin integration. Charles asked what had changed around the pharmacy. “We have a better review of prescriptions, imaging, barcoding, prescriptions, and electronic entry,” said Lofholm. These features enhanced their efficiency and made pharmacy work less burdensome.

What didn’t work well for Ross Valley Pharmacy was their signature capture device. It was slow and unsophisticated, and didn’t meet the needs of the pharmacy. Paul turned to SuiteRx and asked for a better solution. When asked for the best between two suggested systems, Paladin was chosen.

With Paladin Point of Sale, Ross Valley Pharmacy integrated a signature capture pad with their cash register, making compliance and signature storage simple and automatic. This capture pad was much faster and smoother than the last one they owned. Customers signed for their proof of pickup, which made tracking the “Filled vs. Picked Up” prescriptions extremely simple. The signature is then stored with the prescription electronically for easy tracking.

One problem Ross Valley had in the past was with patients wanting some identification of the prescription number, the drug strength, and the quantity of their medication. This requirement was met by the SuiteRx system.

Paladin Point of Sale could sell and record any inventory items in their electronic database instead of just prescriptions, giving Ross Valley the ability to handle more over the counter inventory. Paladin Point of Sale was used for transactions at both of their locations, giving Lofholm and his team the ability to handle long-term care (with SuiteRx) and retail (with Paladin).

What do the IPS and Paladin systems do for the pharmacy?

SuiteRx and Paladin allow Paul Lofholm to handle pharmacy compounding, long-term care, prescriptions, retail, and drug interactions. Ross Valley employees can do all of their checking and verification work from the desktop.

Ross Valley is able to provide even better patient care by tracking prescriptions, generating labels, and taking care of all drug interactions and compounding. By adding Paladin Point of Sale into the pharmacy, they can now process various kinds of payment and manage more stock. The mixture of Paladin and SuiteRx store documentation that proves the patient picked the prescription up, getting rid of the need to manually file the papers. Automation saves time and space, making a huge difference for Paul Lofholm and his employees.

The old paper system that Ross Valley Pharmacy used to use was a cash register and a log book that the patient had to sign. Proving that someone picked up a prescription used to take a huge amount of effort; finding a specific signature would take a long time. Through the Paladin and SuiteRx integration, the patient’s signature is directly linked to their file.

What does Ross Valley Pharmacy think of Paladin Point of Sale?

Ross Valley Pharmacy employees enjoy working with Paladin’s customer support. Not only does Paladin respond quickly to client calls, but they genuinely care about fixing the problem. Manuel, the Ross Valley employee who deals with customer support, has received good service from Paladin in the past. Learning to use the Paladin solution for Ross Valley Pharmacy was simple, and the software mixed well with the other programs being used.

Manuel worked with Excel spreadsheets for various over the counter items, including the greeting cards that were sold in the pharmacy. Just by reading the knowledge base article in Paladin, Manuel was able to import the data into the POS system with ease. From that point on, the non-medicinal products were in the system for easy access and tracking. The straightforward system makes it simple to manage prices and margins for multiple products.

Paladin makes updating prices and tax information easy. Ross Valley merely downloads and imports a file from Cardinal to get all their prices changed. The simplicity of this process makes managing products easy.

Has Paladin influenced the pharmacy in any way?

Paladin has majorly increased Ross Valley Pharmacy’s efficiency. Paladin offered a sophisticated signature capture capability that linked signatures to prescriptions and patients. Not only did it make data storage simple, but signature capture made a huge difference in the store front activity.

When Ross Valley started with IPS, they would have 10 people waiting in line as the pharmacists got used to the system. The old signature capture method was slower, and wasn’t as conveniently stuck to the prescriptions. With Paladin, everyone benefits.

With Paladin, there are no more log books or paper invoices, compliancy is simple, and prices are easy to adjust. All around, Ross Valley Pharmacy truly enjoys using the Paladin Point of Sale system.

More to Come

More information about Paladin users will be available soon. A big shout out to Paul Lofholm for meeting with Charles! We love getting to know our clients.

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