Paladin’s Managed Antivirus Program

Paladin’s Managed Antivirus program is an excellent way to have computer security and protection without having to manage the software yourself. Paladin will do all the work for you – our Certified Antivirus Technician will set it up and make sure it’s running properly.

With Paladin managing your antivirus for you there is less work involved. What’s not to love?

Why should I switch to the managed antivirus instead of what I have now?

Paladin’s managed solution is Trend Micro, which is the number one antivirus in the world. You receive top-notch security along with a Paladin-managed solution that you don’t have to put any work into. We’ll tell you if something’s fishy, and keep you updated every week on the status of your system.

Besides having Paladin manage the program for you, another perk is the low price. It’s only a few dollars per computer each month, and is added to your monthly Paladin subscription.

To get set up on the Paladin Managed Antivirus, give us a call at 800-725-2346.

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