Paladin’s Top 5 Pharmacy Point of Sale Features

Paladin’s Top 5 Pharmacy Point of Sale Features  paladin data corp pos systemWhat is Paladin Point of Sale?

Paladin Point of Sale is a straight-forward software that manages your inventory, cost, and margins without wasting your time. Paladin Data Corp specializes in point of sale software created for pharmacies, hardware, and retail stores. Learn more about Paladin Data Corp.

As you know, running a pharmacy involves many complex procedures and requirements. Paladin’s Point of Sale solution simplifies the job by embedding complicated processes into your point of sale system while keeping the software easy to use. Paladin’s top 5 pharmacy point of sale features are listed below.

  • Pharmacy System Integration
  • Compliance
  • Inventory Management
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI)
  • Filled vs. Picked-up Reports

Top 5 Pharmacy Features

  1. Pharmacy System Integration – Paladin’s pharmacy software creates a fast-paced, two-way street of communication between your compounding system and Paladin Point of Sale.

Why is this important? The integration between your system and Paladin Point of Sale streamlines the checkout process by making it easy to run sales, capture signatures, and communicate sales information back to your compounding system.

The Paladin Point of Sale system works seamlessly with all leading products and brands including PCCA PK Software, Speed Script and SuiteRx software. Even if your pharmacy system isn’t on the current list of pharmacy integrations, Paladin can integrate with your system. See a list of current pharmacy integrations or contact us at 800-725-2346 for more details.

  1. Compliance – As you well know, there are plenty of regulations that place a heavy burden on pharmacies. Paladin’s Pharmacy Point of Sale solution helps by automating your compliance and record-keeping tasks. How do we do it?
  • NPLEx Stop-Meth efforts are supported through Paladin’s electronic tracking of pseudoephedrine purchases and the enforcement of purchase limits.
  • Paladin’s SIGIS-certified solution enables you to process various payment methods (including Flex, FSA, and HSA cards) and automatically flag IIAS-eligible OTC products.
  • Paladin’s electronic signature capture supports HIPAA regulations and covers multiple requirements without affecting your existing compliance settings.
  1. Inventory Management – Paladin’s Pharmacy Point of Sale Solution helps you manage over-the-counter (OTC) merchandise by keeping an accurate account of stock on hand and an automatic stocking forecast. Any pharmacy looking to invest in OTC products will benefit greatly from Paladin’s hands-off automation. Learn more about Paladin’s automatic inventory management.
  1. Electronic Data Interface (EDI) – Paladin enables you to sync your inventory information with leading pharmacy distributors, including Cardinal and McKesson. This electronic interface allows you to easily keep your inventory costs and product information up to date, as well as electronically order stock from your vendor.

Paladin enhances order efficiency by keeping track of your stock on hand as well as what has sold in the past, both of which help you manage your orders more efficiently and improve your ROI. See a list of current pharmacy EDI integrations or contact us at 800-725-2346 for more details.

  1. Filled vs. Picked-Up Reports – Last but not least, Paladin takes the guesswork out of the prescription process by creating reports that tell you which prescriptions have or haven’t been picked up. Since checkout data is automatically transmitted and saved to the dispensing system, you can manage and maintain all of the clinical and compliancy aspects of patient care in one system with complete data integrity and no chance for human error. Compliancy signatures are captured at the point-of-sale and stored with the original prescription in the dispensing system.

At Paladin, we know you’re forced to deal with many complicated processes every day at your pharmacy. Thankfully, we keep your POS system simple by embedding complex procedures and compliance requirements into the software.

If you need any more convincing reasons to switch to the nation’s easiest-to-use pharmacy POS system, call us today at 800-725-2346. We look forward to hearing from you.

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