Report Presets

Report Presets paladin data corp pos systemA major new addition to Paladin’s reporting capabilities is currently in beta testing and will be included in a general release in the near future.

You can now create a shortcut to access your favorite reports, and even set up a recurring schedule so that these reports will be run at a specific time.

To create a preset button for your favorite report, say the Inventory Valuation Summary report, you will first access the Reports module by pressing Alt 5. Highlight Inventory Valuation Summary in the Report List, then press F11 Create Preset.

Report Presets paladin data corp pos system

A new Create Report Preset window will open, allowing you to create a shortcut button for this report. You are also given the option of scheduling a report to automatically run at a specific time. This feature is especially helpful with reports that are a “snapshot in time” and can’t be reproduced later (for example, the Inventory Valuation Summary or the Accounting Summary Report). Both of these reports detail information as of that second rather than a user defined date range. Since both of these reports are quite important to reconciling values in your financial statements, it is important that they be generated exactly when needed.

You can set the report to run weekly on a specific day or monthly. Use the Report Options (available on the Company tab under File > Setup) to set a specific time and file storage location. Use the report presets to increase your store efficiency.

Keep an eye out for the release notes for the next general release to find more detailed information on this powerful new feature.

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