Streamline Your Pharmacy with Paladin Mobile2 and Other Rx Features

Streamline Your Pharmacy with Mobile2 and Other Rx Features paladin point of sale pos systemHaving all of your payment transactions, inventory management, and checkout made easier while remaining HIPAA-compliant is increasingly important for pharmacy software and point of sale systems. Paladin Point of Sale offers features to streamline your business while increasing customer satisfaction with Paladin Mobile2 capabilities and other Rx features.

Mobile Display Option – Mobile2Show

Paladin’s Mobile2Show feature provides wireless monitors for customers to view during the checkout process. With the ease and accessibility the tablet provides, you can use the Mobile2Show feature as a pole display or affix the tablet to a stand on your counter.

  • Use inexpensive tablets as wireless monitors for invoicing
  • Customers can see their invoices being created and modified in real-time
  • Change price, quantity or remove an item and it changes on the screen

Beyond the Counter – Mobile2Sig

Paladin’s Mobile2Sig feature provides real-time mobile signature capture for all Paladin Point of Sale customer signature needs. This is a great solution for drive up windows and special needs checkout lanes.

Take your business beyond the counter with the Mobile2Sig installed on any internet-enabled tablet. With just a secure internet connection and Paladin Support Activation (requires a call with Paladin Client Services), you can take your capture pad beyond the checkout stand.

Improve customer service by having the tablet available for the drive-up window to capture signatures. Extending the capture pad range makes it easier for customers requiring handicap accessibility. Your customers can view the invoice as their items are scanned and will appreciate being able to see what they are signing for throughout the checkout process. Messages for consultations and HIPAA compliance will appear on the device as needed.

  • Extend the reach of your signature capture pad beyond the checkout stand
  • Pass through the drive-up window for signature
  • Includes all features of Mobile2Show

Automate Deliveries with Mobile2Deliver

Mobile2Deliver is a mobile system for managing, scheduling, and performing on-the-road deliveries. With the Paladin Mobile2Deliver feature, drivers can now accept signatures and edit delivery documents on-site. If you have a camera-enabled tablet, you may also attach pictures as well as notes to any invoice. Any changes made in the field are updated automatically in the store. Capture signatures at point of delivery and send an automatic email to the customer that the product was delivered. Welcome to a paperless delivery system!

  • Schedule and manage deliveries
  • Track the status of each delivery in real-time
  • Edit the delivery document on-site
  • Attach photos, notes, and customer signature to invoice
  • All information is instantly available in the office on your Paladin Point of Sale system
  • Automatic accounting adjustments. No paperwork or accounting to be performed
  • Automatically notify customers of scheduled, updated and performed deliveries and adjusted invoices

The Future of the Mobile Checkout – Paladin’s Upcoming Mobile2Checkout

For salespersons in the field, Mobile2Checkout provides an easy way to give quotes on products as well as the ability to look up pricing and honor in-store discounts. Perfect for parking lot sales or to charge for supplies and services.

  • Fully supports all rewards programs
  • All customer specific pricing plans respected
  • Auto email receipts
  • Significant quoting ability
  • E2E credit card processing*
  • Barcode scanning*
  • Save customer picture with transaction

*These features are available with the proper device.

Other Paladin Point of Sale Rx Features

Prescription Pick-up Name Validation

Provided with the Pharmacy System Integration, Paladin confirms that a patient is picking up medications for multiple people. With this feature, cashiers are less likely to send the customer home with the wrong prescription or charge it to the wrong account. Pharmacists know how critical it is that a patient receive the appropriate medication. This feature, when enabled, will ask the cashier for permission to add the newly scanned prescription to the invoice in cases where the name differs between the prescription and the invoice.

Accounts Receivable Choices for Integrated Pharmacies

Paladin Point of Sale integrates with many pharmacy systems including PCCA PK Compounder, Pharmacy Systems, Inc. (PSI), Speed Script and SuiteRx. View a more inclusive list on our pharmacy page. Some of these integrations include:*

  • Option to process all of your Accounts Receivables through the pharmacy system integration
  • Ability to maintain and check available balances on pharmacy system at point of sale
  • Option for returns and ROAs to be sent to and handled by the pharmacy system for all-in-one ease of use.

*Based on integration type. Contact Paladin Client Services for more information. 800-725-2346

NPLEx Integration and Stop-Meth Compliance

Federal legislation requires that pharmacies keep accurate and careful track of the sale of pseudoephedrine products due to their use in the manufacturing of meth. This requires all transactions involving PSE products to be recorded. Paladin Point of Sale’s NPLEx Integration is automated and efficient. A pop-up box requires patient information and will create an instant alert for Stop-Meth offenders. New enhancements are available that include a single scan of a driver’s license (will require a 2-D scanner).

Controlled Substance Management Made Easy

With the Paladin POS for pharmacies, now you can identify controlled substances with a beginning letter, denoted in the Rx #. A pop-up box requires an ID and other information for verification and you can print controlled substance audit reports.

Protecting Your Customer’s Information

Hide sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI) from receipts and invoices. Paladin Point of Sale helps lighten the burden of complying with HIPAA standards and keeps tasks automated at the point of sale.

Stay on Top of IRS Regulations with the SIG-IS Auto Download

Paladin’s SIG-IS certified solution streamlines the purchase of all IIAS-eligible and non-eligible pharmacy products with an up-to-date inventory management system and an IRS-approved list of items. Make sure every customer’s purchase is fully compliant with any current changes to the approved product list within Paladin Point of Sale. All SIG-IS information is automatically downloaded in Paladin Point of Sale to fulfill SIG-IS requirements of a monthly update.

Note: SIG-IS must be set up in order to add the SIG-IS credentials to Paladin. Call Paladin Client Services for more information. 800-725-2346

Create Custom Receipt or Check-Out Messages

With your Paladin Point of Sale solution, you can set up messages to appear on the signature capture device or on the receipt at checkout. Enable this feature for all patients or for selected classes of items.

Provide Improved Patient Care with Paladin

With Paladin’s Pharmacy System Integration and Mobile2 features, your pharmacy streamlines compliance and provide an efficient, easy-to-use point of sale system.

For more information, call us today at 800-725-2346. We look forward to hearing from you.

Written by Shayla Eaton.

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