Supplier Search Feature

Supplier Search Feature paladin pos systemYou know that massive list of supplies that you have in the Suppliers category? Yeah. Some of us have a VERY long list. Paladin received a request to help shorten the time it took to search through this list of suppliers, and it wasn’t long before we added a solution: a simple search tool will now help you find your supplier of choice.

The How-To

In File – Setup – Suppliers, click the header tilted “Name” above the supplier names. This causes the list of suppliers to be organized by name. Beneath the New and Remove buttons is a new input field. Type a few letters of the supplier name you are seeking and click Find. The first alphabetic match will be displayed in the supplier window. We hope this feature makes supplier maintenance a little easier.

The supplier search feature is included in your Paladin POS system! To request a feature that would make your store more efficient, contact our customer service at 1-800-725-2346 or visit our website here.

November 2012 | Enterprise/Single-Store General Release 7154.2

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