Support Made Easy with BizManage™


Managed services are intended to relieve store owners of computer related chores. Paladin offers a suite of managed services to protect your computers, your data, and improve overall efficiency and productivity. The first wave of BizManage™ services are available now.

DataWise™ is Paladin’s off-site fully automated back-up for all the data in Paladin Point of Sale. Accounts receivable, inventory, sales tax information, customer data, etc. are backed up and quickly restored if disaster strikes.

Managed Security protects your computers from viruses and many forms of malware. The software also blocks dangerous websites, keeping you safe from identity theft and other internet threats.

Microsoft Office 365 is the premier suite of cloud-based office productivity tools. It includes word processing, email, spreadsheet, instant messaging, and more, all for one low monthly fee. Automatic updates by Paladin enhance features and security.

Bulk Email Server is used by customers to send out monthly statements or bulk email advertisements to multiple customers at once, without incurring high fees from their local internet service providers.

Data Upload transmits inventory and sales data from a store to vendors for rewards programs and in-store pick-up of internet purchases.

Managed Database Replication is for single stores who want to create a real-time back-up for their Paladin Point of Sale data to a local computer.

Software engineers at Paladin are currently working on additional services to keep your business safe and running smooth. One of these is a system that remotely monitors your point of sale computers and alerts our support technicians of problems in real-time. The goal is to be proactive and solve problems before our clients even need to call.

Keep an eye on the features and updates window in Paladin Point of Sale for information about these services, and others, as they become available.

Call us to order any of these services.

By George Maginnis

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