The importance of an employee recognition program

Employees are known to work better and more efficiently when they know their efforts are being appreciated. We as humans, like recognition in general and respond positively to it. Having an established recognition/rewards program for your employees will not only give them something to work for, but will keep the work environment constructive.
How do you begin such a program? First, determine how your company wants to will demonstrate its recognition. Plaques, awards with a photo? Buying the employee lunch for a week?

Man standing behind a blank sign and holding a trophy

An internal survey is a good way to connect with your employees personally and show them you care and that their efforts have not gone overlooked. Happy staff is an important factor in keeping your business running at its best.
Creating a performance based recognition system is a good place to start. Showing your employees you see their growth and are not just focused on their end goal is key. This means employees should be well- trained and receive praise on a regular basis (when deserved.) Saying thank you in a way that shows them they are a person, not just a body, will create loyalty, commitment and positive momentum that no bonus check could ever buy.
A vital factor to beneficial employee engagement is a well-balanced crossover. By blending program tools, strategy-driven ideas, and a well-planned implementation you can increase employee encouragement and provide positive motivation. This will, in turn, increase productivity and loyalty, ultimately benefiting your customers.

By Jenny Cooper, Paladin Data Corp.

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