Trend Micro’s Managed Anti-Virus

Trend Micro's Managed Anti-Virus paladin data corp pos systemOver the years, Paladin has installed Trend Micro’s anti-virus program on thousands of computers running Paladin POS. In April of this year, we began issuing licenses for managed anti-virus programs for our clients.

Trend Micro’s managed program allows you to have anti-virus protection without having to manage the software yourself. Paladin’s technicians become your IT professionals, making sure your anti-virus protection is set up and running properly.

As soon as the program is installed, it starts an active scan. Deep scans are performed at 2:30 AM each day, so computers should be left on overnight. A detailed report of any suspicious activity is emailed at 9:00 every Monday morning, including a list of any suspicious files that were blocked, and which computer was affected.

The program costs just a few dollars per month for each computer, and this fee is added to your monthly Paladin subscription. It comes with a 2-part guarantee for any computer purchased from Paladin:

  • If a virus gets past the anti-virus program and Paladin POS has to be reinstalled, we will perform a remote build and waive the $199 fee.
  • If a virus infection results in a damaged hard drive, Paladin will provide a new hard drive with Paladin POS installed (a $495 value).

Many clients are so happy with managed anti-virus that they’re requesting it for their non-Paladin store computers as well as home computers. It also works for tablets, cell phones and various other mobile devices. The program is a great way to keep your store safe, and so simple to set up you’ll wish you had discovered it years ago.

For more information, take a look at our Managed Anti-Virus video or contact Paladin today at 800-725-2346 to get started!

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