A Few New Features: User Interface and Drop Ships for Your Store

interface and drop ships store paladin posHere at Paladin, we are always working to improve in everything we do. The new features we come out with include a new interface and drop ships for your store! With all the progress we’ve made  we are eager to share the results with you.


A Pretty User Interface

Our website, customer portal, and online store have had some impressive new features.

At PaladinPOS.com, you will see a new design that is visually pleasing. The new page set-up makes everything easier to find, simpler to follow, and more accessible. What do you need to know? There is access to our technical support team and the Paladin store.

The content that is added will show how Paladin can help you run your business more efficiently and profitably.

Special Features

The Paladin team has recently come out with Paladin Mobile Access. This feature allows you to safely log in to your Paladin POS system from anywhere! Through any smart phone, tablet, or mobile device you can enter your store’s system to view the various transactions and other reports.

Paladin has also joined pharmacies in their battle against Meth-related purchases. Through the POS system you can now track and log the sales of over-the-counter medicines that could contain the ingredients for Methamphetamine.

Drop Ships!

Paladin has contracted with a paper supplier who can drop ship receipt paper all across the United States. This cuts back on shipping delays! The time has been cut from five business days to two.

We’re Asking You

Some of Paladin’s best ideas come from listening to you. As our customers, your opinions and thoughts are invaluable to us and help us to understand the challenges you’re facing.

We invite you to share your Paladin success stories, user tips, product wish lists, and even your complaints (yes, we want to know!). Just post a comment at the bottom of the page. Your input helps us produce helpful new features and make better products, improve communication, and strengthen our relationship with you.

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